Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Thawing Of Numb

I have not wanted to mention the fatigue and the stress and the feeling of standing in a hallway between 2 doors that has plagued me since November, because really, I've just needed to be quiet about it and maybe try to be numb about it while things, so many things, worked themselves out for my best good.

I thank God for the unexpected stray cat project that stopped me from going to the blue spectrum of numb. I thank God, as well, for a homeopathic-wise friend who is helping me to combat stress and fatigue with natural remedies. And most of all, I thank God for yesterday's early morning phone call from my long-absent Gypsy King. He is well and on his way home, having bumped up his rank even further in the malevolent atmosphere that continues to plague Iraq. (I still outrank you, I tell him.)

I remind myself it is January, fresh month of new beginnings, yet not necessarily a time of physical forward movement. (Stray cat exception so noted.) More a time of fresh ideas and plotting escapes from one way of being to another. A time of healing and looking within to see clearly those unsung talents. A time to gather strength.

Today, the door at the end of the hall is more lit. I am less stressed on the relationship front. Perhaps the meditative state will no longer elude me. Regardless, I can feel a shift in the January air. A shift that feels like things are indeed working out for my best good.


  1. Funny how those cats came along at this time. My father always told me that cats were angels and we were tested by how we treated them. I still believe that, even though I'm all grown up, and I didn't even need to hear it to treat cats like they were angels. You neither.

    The Gypsy King has resurfaced, and yes, you will always outrank him - the not knowing is so much harder. Your poor heart, so scared and now so happy. :)

    And that 4th cat will come. He is no fool, you know. He just knows those other 3 went into those cages and disappeared and that requires a bit of pondering on his part. The Gypsy King would agree.


  2. Some things just take time to get through. Even when we think we ought to be through and done with them by now, you can't hurry them. I'm so happy for you to hear the good news of your Gypsy King. I really do believe that things work out for the best good eventually even though the waiting and being patient part isn't always easy.

  3. So grateful for that call...


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