Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And So The Soul Does Bloom

I have worked on this little pocket of a dream every day since sometime in November. The process has been a joy and a saving grace. I have listened within, I have enlisted help. I have notebooks of long-hand writing and amateur videos packed with good-to-know things.  There is order and there is non-order, there is space for flow and serendipity. There are friends joining me~ some new, some not~ each bringing distinct wisdom to the collective whole, each on a journey to find the deeper meaning of home.

We will explore breath and posture, nourishment, color as a life-changing tool, the gift of flowers and floral design, alternative use for space in the home, poetry, small space and organic gardening, the wonders of top-shelf tea, cleansing the home with feng shui and the healing power of trees. We will share our secrets for balance of body, dwelling and earth. We will befriend and support our companions on this journey to home.

Please join us, if it interests you. There is so much to learn and to share. The journey begins online this Saturday, February 25th and continues through April 5th. An in-person gathering of Souls In Bloom will commence on March 24th in Buffalo, NY for any that can attend. 

Registration is open through February 24th.

For the full description go Here.

52 Photos Project~what i've been photographing

Botanicals and me~ washed in colors after dark.

Blue bonsai

Green glass

Friday, February 17, 2012

Of Tuning Forks and Souls In Bloom

I ask you, who doesn't need a brain balancing and relief from stress? Come join us for The Soul In Bloom~ Home Edition online course and retreat, and Janice Meier~ friend, homeopathic healer and magician with rainbow colored tuning forks~ will help improve the function of your brain while steeping you in the stunning sounds of tuning fork vibration. Janice will be center stage with her loaded apron and magical forks the morning of the retreat on Saturday, March 24th here in Buffalo, NY. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that Janice can right some serious wrongs with her knowledge and instinctual gifts for healing the body. And she has a passion for healing with sound.

If you've never had the privilege of being immersed in pure sound and feeling your cells vibrate anew, come join us. It will be an experience you won't forget.

The online course begins February 25th and runs through April 5th. The 1 day retreat, with Janice and her forks, David and his encyclopedic knowledge of organic gardening and tea tasting with Bellocq, is March 24th.

To learn more, go HERE.

To sign up for the course and the retreat,
 or just the course, go HERE.

You can register right up until Friday, February 24th at Noon, eastern time.

Questions? the soul in bloom at gmail dot com

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

52 Photos Project~red/heart

{Red velvet cupcake from my Mother.}

There is no such thing as the day after Valentine's Day for me.
Because the purpose of every day is to love.

Even if I am able to love just a little on some days,
it counts as a day well spent.

For Bella

Sunday, February 12, 2012

she is a student of the body

{photos courtesy of christine}

This is Christine Claire Reed. She is a way-shower and a woman of courage. She is a student of the body. She is dancer and yogini. She is new entrepreneur. She is Blisschick and Girl On Fire. She is my friend.

Christine is very busy these days creating a haven of truth and bliss for the women of Erie, Pennsylvania. She has opened a studio for adoration of the mind and body in  the form of dance, movement and interpretive yoga. Yet, in her busy life, she is making time to join me in The Soul In Bloom~ Home Edition, both as an online instructor and a participant in the 1 day retreat in Buffalo, NY. Christine will be assisting those of us on this journey-to-home to be more mindful and aware of our bodies. She is going to teach us of posture and breath; 2 things we rarely give thought to, but greatly affect the quality of our days.

Come join us for 6 weeks beginning February 25th. Come learn from Christine's astute attention to the needs of the body. Come meet her at the retreat on March 24th. She'll be the one with wisdom in her eyes and a pink tutu around her hips.

To learn more, go HERE.

To register, go HERE. There are only 13 days left to sign up to join us on the journey to home!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

of bluebirds and five dollars

You can't convince me it isn't great to live next door to the country. A brief jaunt beyond the limits of Mayberry and heart-stopping charm can be found on the side of the road.

Like handmade bluebird houses for five dollars. Seriously, five dollars. With pencil marks of the craftsman still visible for lining up the hinges of the front panel. It swings open, you see, for easy cleaning. Throw in the marketing genius of the hand-lettered sign and rusted radio flyer wagon for display, and you'll have me digging to the bottom of my purse for that five.

But the cup with the green lid and the good-sized rock inside? The cash register? I couldn't get it open to save my life. So, I had to dig out a little white bag from that same purse to put the five dollars in, and stuff the bag down into the wagon. I put the cup with the rock in it on top, for good measure. I hope when the wagon was pulled in for the night the bag was still there.

The bluebird house isn't even for me. I bought it for some one else. And if you think you need one, too, I'll be happy to drive back beyond the limits of town and pick up more heart-stopping charm.

I wonder, if they'd sell me the sign.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

52 Photos Project~the love letter

When my Mother first began her cancer treatment
3 1/2 years ago, I wrote her a love letter.
She has carried a copy of this letter
in her purse every day since.

For Bella and her Valentine edition of
52 Photos Project~ the love letter.

I brought pink tulips, Beloved, to distract you. To ease the cold and tingles of the clear, poison drip. I brought them, Beloved, for myself as well. To stare at during moments when biting the side of my tongue would not be enough to stave off tears. I brought pink tulips to remind us of spring and rebirth and hope and love. To remind us that, amid the painful needle sticks, the beeping, the constant motion outside your cubicle, the full house of patients enduring their own poisonous drips, there is great beauty waiting to be embraced. Within and without.

Cancer is a funny thing, isn't it Beloved? What threatens to tear us apart is also the gorilla glue that makes our hearts inseparable. What makes a body weak gives strength not seen before. Cancer offers up courage and comedy. It reduces walls to rubble. It offers the soul redemption. Its dark pathway shimmers with opportunities for light. It's a funny thing. It's a blessing. Yes. A blessing.

3 weeks from now, Beloved, the tulips will be red. They, too, will remind us of strength and beauty within and without. 7 years and 3 weeks from now, the tulips I bring will be yellow. They will remind us of the light on the path, the love on the path that led us out of darkness.

Monday, February 06, 2012

of nourishment and the soul in bloom

the lovely Kasia Blue

We stat at my kitchen table, the lovely Kasia and me, and we chatted about food. Not about how much we love cheese (that conversation could last for days), but about what to eat and what not to. I am still in the process of figuring out how to eat for my overall betterment and Kasia has had answers for me when no one else I knew did. My better decisions with food have come from things she has taught me. Her medicinal chemist's brain and her way of getting to the point turned the tables for me last year. I make better choices (pay no attention to the chocolate cake in my fridge) and feel better because of them.

So, it was a needful choice that I asked Kasia to join me in my online course to help in honoring the body as our first home. Good food = a happier life, she says. And she's right. We made a video of our kitchen table chat and yet again, I learned more about making smart choices. The video is part of week 1 of the course.

This is why I am creating a course about honoring the home~ because, I, more than most need to find my way there. In the process of pulling the ideas and activities and the brilliant minds of my instructors together, I am learning volumes of what it is to be at peace with myself and settle into my home(s) at last. This evolving creation is among the greatest gifts I have given myself. 

I would be honored to share it with you. Come learn with me. Ask Kasia questions about the chemical reactions happening inside your body and understand how food is a sacred component of a happier life. Come meet her at the 1 day retreat. Come join the down-to-earth community forming for the 6 week journey to home.
What~ The Soul In Bloom~ home edition: online course and retreat.

When~ February 25th, 2012 through April 5th, 2012, with a 1 day retreat March 24th in Buffalo, NY.

Why~ To honor the 3 levels of HOME: body as1st home, dwelling as 2nd, earth as 3rd.

How much~ Only $65 for the online portion, and $95 if you'd like to join the retreat, as well.

To read all about it go HERE.

To sign up go HERE.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

in its deepest essence

perhaps everything that frightens us is,
in its deepest essence, 
something helpless that wants our love.

rainer maria rilke

for debi

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

the colors of snow

it was only 6" at best.
a mere dusting in this winter without winter.

but it muffled the world and sparkled at my feet
and laid down the canvas for new life.