Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And So The Soul Does Bloom

I have worked on this little pocket of a dream every day since sometime in November. The process has been a joy and a saving grace. I have listened within, I have enlisted help. I have notebooks of long-hand writing and amateur videos packed with good-to-know things.  There is order and there is non-order, there is space for flow and serendipity. There are friends joining me~ some new, some not~ each bringing distinct wisdom to the collective whole, each on a journey to find the deeper meaning of home.

We will explore breath and posture, nourishment, color as a life-changing tool, the gift of flowers and floral design, alternative use for space in the home, poetry, small space and organic gardening, the wonders of top-shelf tea, cleansing the home with feng shui and the healing power of trees. We will share our secrets for balance of body, dwelling and earth. We will befriend and support our companions on this journey to home.

Please join us, if it interests you. There is so much to learn and to share. The journey begins online this Saturday, February 25th and continues through April 5th. An in-person gathering of Souls In Bloom will commence on March 24th in Buffalo, NY for any that can attend. 

Registration is open through February 24th.

For the full description go Here.

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  1. tomorrow. i cannot believe it is here. big, big smile and open heart awaiting.



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