Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Single Color

In our life there is a single color,
as on an artist's palette,
which provides the meaning of life and art.

It is the color of love.
Marc Chagall

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I'm fond of the unusual. I'm fond of daring. I'm fond of adventure. I'm not so fond of normal. Unusual adventure, therefore, has occasion to land on my doorstep. It knocks, dares me and off I go, chasing the improbable, and welcoming the new. Mostly, my adventures are harmless, with knowledge gleaned and fun had by all. But every once in a while, I become enchanted with unknown territory and end up dancing with the devil. That's when connections come in handy.
I have connections with seen and unseen Forces. I pray and meditate and talk with angels. I serve others and serve nature and serve the God of my choice. I stay connected to the energy of Love, the most powerful Force, through the giving of love. I stay connected with every positive wish, every act of mercy and every gesture of caring I bestow. I am no saint, but I give love and build connections because it feels good and right to do so. Because as I give so shall I receive.
So, having offered mercy and love and intervention with a genuine heart, over the course of time, when I'm dancing with the devil, my connections kick in, yank me off my feet, trash my dance shoes and put out the fire. My connections, seen and unseen, intervene before my adventures go awry.
I can recognize and receive intervention because I have given intervention. Mercy because I have given mercy. Love because I have given love. In my connection, lies my protection.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Little Deaths

Life is full of little deaths. Each little death, or forced opportunity to let go of that which is clung to, has a message of how to live more fully. How to find the good in the bad. How to forgive and forge ahead. How to see through the eyes of love.
Last week was a busy week for little deaths in my life. It began with a bird in the road, hit by a car, injured, but moving. I scooped up the bird, and cupped it in my hands. It's right wing was broken and bleeding. I held it for minutes, talking to it and telling it how sorry I was that it was going to die, but that I would make it as comfortable as possible on the grass. I asked angels and faeries to attend its last breaths and usher it softly into the next life. Before I tore myself away from the still-breathing bird, it spoke to me.
It told me to stop flying so low to the ground. It told me to raise myself up to the level at which I am meant to exist and meant to soar. It told me that flying too low will injure my wings, injure my wonder and deny me the opportunities of a life in full flight.
Days later, a young grey squirrel was run over by a car ahead of me on the road. I saw the squirrel dash out into traffic and disappear under a tire. I pulled over and ran for the squirrel, lifting it up in the midst of its death throes. One little eye, split like a grape and protruding, was the only visible damage. In the midst of my whispers of how sorry I was for its pain, mercifully, its heart stopped beating. I carried the young squirrel to a grove of trees and laid it at the base of the largest one. As I curled its thin tail over its paws, it spoke to me.
It told me to choose wisely before I rush into anything. It told me things and opportunities that are young and beautiful and seemingly full of promise are not always meant to last. But that there are gifts and and there are moments of grace within every opportunity that comes along. The gifts and the graces may not lie in its duration, but in the intensity of its short-lived beauty.
In order to fly higher and choose more wisely, in order to live fully and love fully, my weighted self-worth must be lightened in a series of ongoing little deaths. A little death to give life to forgiveness. A little death to give life to wisdom. A little death to give life to love.
{Click on to see the beautiful photos and story of the death of the barn swallow.}

Monday, June 11, 2007

Saved By Love

In the end, our precious world will not be saved by guns and brute strength and missiles at the ready. It will not be saved by diplomatic handshakes dressed in suits, nor will it be saved by dogmatic scriptures that promote intolerance. In the end, our precious world will only be saved by love. Served up, dished out and ever abundant. In the end, or before the end, it will be the responsibility of women to serve it up, dish it out and pass it on. It will be the responsibility of women to save the world with our God-given instincts to nurture and heal and love.
Before women can save the world, we must first save ourselves. We must find the buried strength within our cells to respect ourselves and act on that respect. Even if no one around us is offering respect in our direction. Even if we have been falsely taught we are less than. Even if it takes a very long time.
Education, through books, the Internet and organized classes, is key to recovery and empowerment. So is the support of others~ friends, family, groups and the enlightened men who see the inherent strength of the female. Once we are empowered, or even just on our way to empowerment, we can then offer our respect and love to anyone who may need it, in the quantity we are able to give it. One by one, two by two, and three by three, the world will begin to feel the effects of this most powerful energy of love.
Not every woman need participate, and many will be unable. But if enough feminine hearts are joined, each singing her own tune of love, slowly, slowly the world will be transformed. The darkness may never fully retreat, but it will wield much less power. Because love will ever be the victor. Ever be the answer to poverty, disease and abuse. Love will join minds and hearts to create previously unheard of solutions for the ills of the world.
Love, the supreme creative force of the human species, can only be unleashed on the world through the heart of the feminine energy. The heart of the Daughters of God. Let us begin to serve it up within ourselves. Let us begin to dish it out to any who need it. Let us begin to encourage others to pass it on. Let us begin to save the world.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Uncrowded Path

My life is not extraordinary. I don't win prizes. I don't save lives. My personal masterpiece is not forthcoming. But I do walk a different road than many. It is an uncrowded path that requires faith in a Higher Power to keep my feet on some sort of solid surface. Without much company on this path, I have occasional moments of doubt as to the next best decision and next best footfall. I can pause in mid-step when other opinions contradict my instincts, and my safety and sanity seem to be in question. It is during these pauses, one foot unsure of releasing its ground to take the next step, that I must remember who I am. I must remember my core truth.
My core truth says that human beings are inherently born good and worthy and deserving of love. My core truth says that human beings are born equal in the eyes of God. We are each a unique, impossible-to-be-duplicated loving expression of that Higher Power. And we each have choices as to how we express that uniqueness, including the unique choice to not express.
My core truth says I am much happier when I am expressing who I am, even if that expression rattles those who love me. Because to deny God-as-It-expresses-through-me, is to deny the vast opportunities for joy in this smorgasbord of life. To deny joy is to deny God.
In my uniqueness lies my safety and my sanity. In my uniqueness, along the uncrowded path, lies my solid ground. From that solid ground, all my decisions and my choices are correct for the continued expression of God as myself. It is the same, my friend, for you.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Papal Mojo part 2

Celebrating the arts.
Indulging in sugar addictions.
Playing the Good Shepherd.
Hitting the sauce.

Papal Mojo

Papal bodyguard...for dangerous missions of mercy.
Eternal Beverage Meister Hoping to wipe the "4th Crusade" slate clean...
Member of the Solo Mile High Club

Lothar dei Conti of Segni, aka Pope Innocent the 3rd, our fearless, 6" tall action figure of occasional ill-repute, has decided to come out of the contemplative's closet and resume saving the world. Innocent has been recharging his batteries and firing up the Papal Mojo to launch his most ambitious projects to date.

On June 6th, Innocent will undertake a whirl-wind tour of Bogota. Being a lover of cultural diversity, and madly passionate for flowers, Inny has packed his bags to roam the rose farms of Colombia and hopefully, fingers crossed, have a personal encounter with Our Lady of Everything on the Catholic continent.

And... starting immediately, Pope Innocent the 3rd will be taking your prayer requests for salvation, redemption and cures for hangnails. Write to Inny at: In his quest to unite the world and save the world from itself, Innocent the 3rd will be lighting candles and personally praying over all reasonable and unreasonable requests. Need more romance in your life? Ask Inny. Need a new guitar? A new wig? A new-to-you vintage Winnebago to travel the countryside and offer your own brand of salvation to the masses? Ask Inny. He's got Papal Mojo at the ready, just for your benefit...and lots of penance to pay for that 4th Crusade.