Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Uncrowded Path

My life is not extraordinary. I don't win prizes. I don't save lives. My personal masterpiece is not forthcoming. But I do walk a different road than many. It is an uncrowded path that requires faith in a Higher Power to keep my feet on some sort of solid surface. Without much company on this path, I have occasional moments of doubt as to the next best decision and next best footfall. I can pause in mid-step when other opinions contradict my instincts, and my safety and sanity seem to be in question. It is during these pauses, one foot unsure of releasing its ground to take the next step, that I must remember who I am. I must remember my core truth.
My core truth says that human beings are inherently born good and worthy and deserving of love. My core truth says that human beings are born equal in the eyes of God. We are each a unique, impossible-to-be-duplicated loving expression of that Higher Power. And we each have choices as to how we express that uniqueness, including the unique choice to not express.
My core truth says I am much happier when I am expressing who I am, even if that expression rattles those who love me. Because to deny God-as-It-expresses-through-me, is to deny the vast opportunities for joy in this smorgasbord of life. To deny joy is to deny God.
In my uniqueness lies my safety and my sanity. In my uniqueness, along the uncrowded path, lies my solid ground. From that solid ground, all my decisions and my choices are correct for the continued expression of God as myself. It is the same, my friend, for you.


  1. I just found your blog today, and I've enjoyed reading through your posts so much. I'll be back, expecting to gain more truth and wisdom!

  2. Your words are giving me much comfort today.Thank you.


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