Monday, June 11, 2007

Saved By Love

In the end, our precious world will not be saved by guns and brute strength and missiles at the ready. It will not be saved by diplomatic handshakes dressed in suits, nor will it be saved by dogmatic scriptures that promote intolerance. In the end, our precious world will only be saved by love. Served up, dished out and ever abundant. In the end, or before the end, it will be the responsibility of women to serve it up, dish it out and pass it on. It will be the responsibility of women to save the world with our God-given instincts to nurture and heal and love.
Before women can save the world, we must first save ourselves. We must find the buried strength within our cells to respect ourselves and act on that respect. Even if no one around us is offering respect in our direction. Even if we have been falsely taught we are less than. Even if it takes a very long time.
Education, through books, the Internet and organized classes, is key to recovery and empowerment. So is the support of others~ friends, family, groups and the enlightened men who see the inherent strength of the female. Once we are empowered, or even just on our way to empowerment, we can then offer our respect and love to anyone who may need it, in the quantity we are able to give it. One by one, two by two, and three by three, the world will begin to feel the effects of this most powerful energy of love.
Not every woman need participate, and many will be unable. But if enough feminine hearts are joined, each singing her own tune of love, slowly, slowly the world will be transformed. The darkness may never fully retreat, but it will wield much less power. Because love will ever be the victor. Ever be the answer to poverty, disease and abuse. Love will join minds and hearts to create previously unheard of solutions for the ills of the world.
Love, the supreme creative force of the human species, can only be unleashed on the world through the heart of the feminine energy. The heart of the Daughters of God. Let us begin to serve it up within ourselves. Let us begin to dish it out to any who need it. Let us begin to encourage others to pass it on. Let us begin to save the world.


  1. It is up to us, isn't it. Women are the purveyors of culture. Mothers have a stronger influence on the future than any other but we MUST heal. We must honor the feminine wisdom within our lives.

    Very well put, I'm glad I came across your offerings.

    Be well and enjoy the day.

  2. Anonymous6/11/2007

    Ohhh, girl!! Yes! And, Danielle, I agree. We have a very strong influence on the future. We are the giver of life and
    FIRST emotional contact a child has with the world! We are connected for 9 months! My lady, here in Philly we luckily have a Women's Therapy Center geared towards feminist healing, and understanding us women in the society that we live in.
    Perhaps there is one in the Buffalo metro?
    I do beg to differ in a sense, two of my closest friends are male and they have been an incredible support for me in times that I really needed them. Sensitive and loving. They DO know, if only they are shown the way.

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  4. Here is a post from my friend, Barry...His blog link is in the right hand margin of my links section: The First Morning. Be sure to take a look!!

    2:57pm → Reply
    For some reason, I cannot leave comments on blogspot blogs. So here's the comment I've been trying to leave for several days re: your post about women in leadership:

    Graciel..what a perfect picture to go with these ideas. Somewhere there exists an amazing article (Scientific American, I want to say)from the early 80's which documents the economic conditions of several villages in N. India which were geographically identical to a hundred others but excelled economically, socially, and educationally. The only difference between these villages and others less prosperous was the tradition of female leadership. It wasn't a fluke, it was established- it was "the way things are."

    I must find it again.

    In the meantime, I'll keep checking back here. When I'm on NPR, you'll be among the first interviews. (thanks).Blesings..Barry

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  6. Anonymous6/23/2007

    Did someone say they were going to interview you on NPR?! Please let me know if this happens. WAHOO!

    SF-G, I am pleased that your beautiful b log is being discovered. Look at all the activity!


  7. You really give me hope with this lovely post. The undercurrant of hatred in my country is quite disconcerting. If more people could practice what you have written here it would be easier to pull together.


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