Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I'm fond of the unusual. I'm fond of daring. I'm fond of adventure. I'm not so fond of normal. Unusual adventure, therefore, has occasion to land on my doorstep. It knocks, dares me and off I go, chasing the improbable, and welcoming the new. Mostly, my adventures are harmless, with knowledge gleaned and fun had by all. But every once in a while, I become enchanted with unknown territory and end up dancing with the devil. That's when connections come in handy.
I have connections with seen and unseen Forces. I pray and meditate and talk with angels. I serve others and serve nature and serve the God of my choice. I stay connected to the energy of Love, the most powerful Force, through the giving of love. I stay connected with every positive wish, every act of mercy and every gesture of caring I bestow. I am no saint, but I give love and build connections because it feels good and right to do so. Because as I give so shall I receive.
So, having offered mercy and love and intervention with a genuine heart, over the course of time, when I'm dancing with the devil, my connections kick in, yank me off my feet, trash my dance shoes and put out the fire. My connections, seen and unseen, intervene before my adventures go awry.
I can recognize and receive intervention because I have given intervention. Mercy because I have given mercy. Love because I have given love. In my connection, lies my protection.


  1. Very interesting. The only way toward genuine knowledge and growth is by the way of the hidden path. The adventure seemingly initiated by forces unseen and the pull of being enchanted is real. I wouldn't say it is dancing with the devil. It is to me more like choosing between being engaged in a trance-like meditative session or succumbing to the flow and falling asleep. Both will rejuvenate but the former will be more lasting.

    I am glad I decided to "feed" on your offerings.

    Be well and enjoy the day. I am wishing you and yours health, balance and joy.

  2. Anonymous6/27/2007

    SF-G, Another gem from you!!

    I am proud to award you a "Rockin' Girl Blogger" award.

    The award post.

    The award badge.


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