Monday, June 04, 2007

Papal Mojo

Papal bodyguard...for dangerous missions of mercy.
Eternal Beverage Meister Hoping to wipe the "4th Crusade" slate clean...
Member of the Solo Mile High Club

Lothar dei Conti of Segni, aka Pope Innocent the 3rd, our fearless, 6" tall action figure of occasional ill-repute, has decided to come out of the contemplative's closet and resume saving the world. Innocent has been recharging his batteries and firing up the Papal Mojo to launch his most ambitious projects to date.

On June 6th, Innocent will undertake a whirl-wind tour of Bogota. Being a lover of cultural diversity, and madly passionate for flowers, Inny has packed his bags to roam the rose farms of Colombia and hopefully, fingers crossed, have a personal encounter with Our Lady of Everything on the Catholic continent.

And... starting immediately, Pope Innocent the 3rd will be taking your prayer requests for salvation, redemption and cures for hangnails. Write to Inny at: In his quest to unite the world and save the world from itself, Innocent the 3rd will be lighting candles and personally praying over all reasonable and unreasonable requests. Need more romance in your life? Ask Inny. Need a new guitar? A new wig? A new-to-you vintage Winnebago to travel the countryside and offer your own brand of salvation to the masses? Ask Inny. He's got Papal Mojo at the ready, just for your benefit...and lots of penance to pay for that 4th Crusade.

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  1. Oh dear, does Inny take atheist's requests? If so, put me down for the Winnebago and World Peace.

    Shine On,


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