Monday, March 26, 2007

One Light

Yes, there is darkness in the world. Yes, there are forces that seek to oppress. Yes, there are ill-willed human beings that desire total control and conquest through fear. Yes, there is even the blackness of one's own mind to contend with. You can choose to cower before these dark forces. You can choose to give in. You can lay down your will and submit to the conquest or you can choose to shine.

One light, my friend, one small candle, one struck match and darkness retreats. It takes so much darkness to cover a light and so little light to banish the dark. Light can be a candle, a lamp, a word of kindness, an offered hand. In a room full of dark lies and deceit, one sentence of spoken truth will ignite the dawn.

Keep matches in your pocket. Keep courage to speak the truth. Keep love in your heart. When darkness comes, strike your match. Unleash your truth. Throw down your love at the base of false evil. Let God's light within you shine forth.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Path of Destiny

Suddenly, I find myself staring down the path of destiny. It is a curving path with no roadsigns, no speed limit, no recorded length. It is not a paved path. I see no footprints or hoofprints or tire tracks. This is not the path less traveled. This is the path yet-to-be traveled. It begins at the end. The end of 6 cycles of 7 years, in which my body and cells and thoughts have renewed themselves for the 6th time. It begins at the end of a life lived as ordinary, predictible and tame. Though the landscape hugging the path is lush and green and filled with the promise of growth, I cannot see past the first curve. I cannot see what lies ahead.

No matter.

My heart is the lamp I hold firmly in front of me.
Courage and trust are the shields I bear.
Love and respect are the fuel for my journey.
God is my unfailing guide.

Come peace.
Come harmony.
Come adversity.
Come destiny.

My footprints are already marking the path.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Expect The Unexpected

When asking the Higher Power of your choice to grant a wish, fulfill a dream or answer a prayer, you must be careful what you ask for and you must keep an open mind. The grant, the fulfillment and the answer will rarely show up in the preconceived form you cling to in your mind. It is more likely to reveal itself in a form that forces you to stretch yourself beyond your limits to receive the bounty. To receive the healing. To receive the love. Only a pure heart can receive a wish, because only a pure heart will recognize its arrival.
Wishing for greater bounty and abundance? Stop expecting cold hard cash to flood your coffers and instead attune your heart to the smallest gestures of kindness that begin to mark your days. Notice smiles and return them. Accept the door held open. Receive compliments graciously. Become aware of sunshine. Above all, be thankful for every morsel of goodness that trickles into your life and soon, very soon the trickle will become a stream, will become a river and your heart will be cleansed and your coffers will be filled in ways you could not have imagined.
Dreaming of great love to soar into your life? Stop expecting the blue eyes, the buxom babe, or the billionare bachelor to stop you in the lobby and declare you are the fantasy realized. Instead, love yourself and all your foibles. Love yourself some more. Then cast your net wide. Wider than you ever dared. Priaise your Higher Power for having granted great love before it ever arrives. Feel the emotion of being in the company of your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife before they enter your waking life. Keep your eyes open. Look for the dark horse. Expect the unexpected.
Be open to love in whatever package it arrives. Whatever skin color, or eye color, or hair color it arrives. Whatever race, or religion, or region of the world it arrives. Great love exists everywhere, in every possible guise. Stretch your mind. Open your heart. Your wish is waiting to be granted. Your dream is waiting to be fulfilled. Your prayer will be answered in unlooked for ways. Awaken, recognize and receive.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Compass Heart

All answers lie within. All truth lies within. Everything of great importance, of great meaning lies within. We need look no further than ourselves when faced with opportunities or challenges or pathways that will change the course of our lives. The yes or the no, the stop or the go can be clearly heard within, if we would only choose to bend our ears to our hearts.
The heart is our compass and our guide. It unfailingly points the way to our highest good. Our final answer. Our most direct path. The heart is never wrong, for it is aligned with God. It is aligned with our life's blueprint and is privy to the destiny of our soul. It is the conduit that allows grace to flow and bless our lives in extraordinary ways.
Our job, our responsibility is to heed the heart's call. To trust its impulses. To make it our final authority. We must put aside opinions and commands from outside its chambers. We must respectfully turn away from the fears and the noise of those around us, and humbly turn our attention within. We must trust and know our hearts would never betray us, and never lead us into anything that is not for our very best at this very moment. We must trust and know our hearts seek only unbounded, unselfish, unwaivering love. In everything we do. In everywhere we go. In everyone we meet.
We must reverently and humbly bend our ears to listen to the beat of wisdom within. We must catch the first impulse, the first word, the first rush of emotion that comes to our conscious awareness. There do the answers lie. The heart is quick and concise, truthful and final. It offers an answer immediately.
We must trust our heart, follow our heart, and live from our heart. The reward and the result will be a life spent in peace and prosperity, a life spent in love.