Tuesday, August 06, 2013

apples along the way

super~cute, fully groomed mr. solomon

While Tina grieves and slowly processes the terrible loss of her horse, Chance, I will be giving some love and attention to Chance's companion, Solly. Equine therapy continues. I put on my boots, cut up some apples, dug up some courage and went to the barn by myself for the very first time. As luck and the Universe would have it, Renaldo's mom was there to give me confidence and help me with the cross ties. 

We did well together, Mr. Solly and I. A calm and thorough grooming was followed by walking in the arena. I learned what his voice sounds like, although I have yet to understand what he's talking about, and I also learned he likes to role on the ground in the arena. Next time, we will reverse the order of things with walking first and grooming second, so as to preserve my fur-beautifying skills for more than 15 minutes. We rounded out the day with grazing on grass and a successful return to his stall. There were many apples along the way. 

Sunday, August 04, 2013

last chance

Chance~ July 29, 2013
*looking handsome after I groomed him*

And just like that, my mentor in getting over my fear of horses is gone.

Chance colic-ed and died last night.

His rescuer, human Mom, best friend and herd leader, Tina, was
with him as he passed. Her heartbreak is miles deep because as much as she saved Chance,
Chance has saved her. He was loved by many, including me. The first time I sat on him, I cried.
6 days ago he allowed me to feel confident and empowered.

God bless your fabulous soul, Mr. Chance. Thank you for everything.
And thank you, Tina, for sharing your boy with me.