Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Native American Prayer For Peace

O Great Spirit of our ancestors,
I raise my pipe to you.
To your messengers of the four winds,
and to Mother Earth who provides for your children.

Give us the wisdom to teach our children
to love, to respect, and to be kind to each other
so that they may grow with peace in mind.

Let us learn to share all good things that
You provide for us on this Earth.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This Is It

This is it. This is the time to let it all go. The fears and the worries and the oh-my-God-what-will-they-think-of-me self torment. This is the time to curl my toes over the edge of the cliff, fondle the rip cord and jump. Because to remain on the edge, in the illusion of safety, is a very ineffective place to be. Because my Mother now has cancer. Because the right of a woman to have complete sovereignty over her body is being threatened by an old man and his pink-lipped pit bull. Because too many Americans are ignorant and slovenly and brainwashed by drug-pushing media.
So I will soar. To the best of my ability. To the extent my quelled fears will allow.
I will raise up my Mother's energy and spirits. I will cook for her. I will love her fiercely and infuse her with hope and a promise that no matter matter what...her heart and soul are safe and loved.
I will vote for Barack Obama. I will support the idea of freedom of choice, of diplomacy in foreign relations, of respect for the environment. I will support a minority figure in American government because We The People have forgotten we are all equal.
Come to the edge with me. Dare to effect change in the world. Dare to effect change in your country, in your town, in your family. Demonstrate hope. Give love. Turn off the TV. Vote.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Still, I hold myself back. Still, I carry the colors of my soul in muted light for few to see. Still, my hands reach not for paints and rusted nonsensical objects that beg for creative revival. And now you are sick, Beloved. Now, the reasons and seasons of holding back seem wasted and small.
That disease. That disease that catches our breath and stops the tick-tick-ticking on the kitchen wall, I will scale its mountainous fear. I will throw myself off the cliff of its intrusion and yank the rip cord. Rip it hard and watch the nylon colors mushroom skyward. I will float, rainbow-hued and billowing, against heaven's cellar floor. I will be seen, Beloved. I will be seen for you.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Goddess Gathering

October 18th was Goddess Night. The Sisterhood of the Flowing Skirts all showed up in pants. They brought brie and cream puffs and truffles. I served corn chowder and rosemary bread and salad with homemade dressing. We chatted and feasted in my little square kitchen. We discussed how unity and sharing and the dispersal of Light were the calling cards for the times at hand. We oogled over the black kitten in residence, washed the dishes and retired to the living room. The time was at hand to invoke the gathering of Goddesses.
Spreading a blanket on the floor, we each claimed a corner. Present and accounted for were the Goddesses of Love, Clarity, Healing and Compassion. The Goddess of Clarity arranged the altar in the center. The Goddess of Healing brought out the gilt-edged Goddess Cards. The Goddess of Love tuned her Tibetan singing bowl and me, the Goddess of Compassion, gathered pillows for comfort. Our golden scarves were draped over shoulders and the first cards from the deck were drawn. Each card, bearing artwork and explanation of a world-recognized Goddess, held a precise message for each of us.
Surprisingly and not, the 3 Goddess cards I chose were spot-on in timeliness. Artemis, the Guardian, told me I am safe and spiritually protected. She told me I have a sacred mission to spread love and light and to let go of my concerns and worries. She said a joyful heart and laughter will set my power in motion. She also said the worst is now behind me. Aine (awn-ya) told me now is the time to take a leap of faith. She said to take a risk and put my true heart's desire into action. Make my decision and all the Universe will rush to support me. She said to TRUST and hesitate no longer. She assured me, with baby steps, my dreams will come true. And White Tara told me I am becoming increasingly sensitive to energies. She said to avoid harsh relationships, environments, situations and chemicals.
2 meditations, 1 hands-on healing session, a respite for cream puffs and tea and further discussion of the need for sharing God-given gifts...and the Goddess gathering drew to a close. We lingered at my door with thanks and hugs and promises to exchange recipes. And then they were gone.
Our Goddess Gathering did not solve the problems of the world. What it did was add more love and light and joy into the ethers. It raised the vibrations of the atmosphere a tiny bit. It warmed the hearts and souls of 4 women, especially mine.
{Any time human beings gather for the purpose of sharing and caring and exchanging the energy of love, the earth is caressed, the energy of fear is pushed back and the world as a whole is healed a little bit more. If we create simple opportunities to gather, if we make the time to just be happy together, the world will shift more fully towards the good.}

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hand In Hand

Our fate is in our own hands. And our own hearts. We are not at the mercy of outside circumstances. We are at the mercy of inside circumstances. Our inner-most thoughts, the stories we tell ourselves over and over, and the basis of our actions, be they fear or trust, all determine the quality of our lives.
As this new world unfolds, our individual hearts and hands must choose a new fate. We have lived in a state of separation. The choice must now be made to live in a state of unity. The time is no more to focus on our differences. The time is ripe to find our commonalities. We must use our hands to reach across artificial boundaries and embrace people of varying cultures. We must heed our hearts and welcome new ideas from new places. We must stop being so damn afraid of each other.
World unity, the idea and practice that every person is of value and deserves to be loved and supported, is the direction we are now headed. The idea and practice of separation, regarding culture, race, and caste, is being washed away. Mindsets and heart sets entrenched in outdated dogmas will find themselves drowning in misery. Or simply drowning.
We must make the choice to open our hands to each other, to form new connections and strengthen the ones we have. We must learn to live cooperatively, sharing and caring for each other as never before. We must choose to curb excesses that threaten the survival of this planet. We must choose new stories to tell ourselves. "We are safe. We are loved. There is always more than enough".
Hand in hand, heart to heart, open mind to open mind, the quality of our individual and collective lives will rise. Do not be afraid. Be separate no longer. Choose a new fate. Unite.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Choosing Our Focus

I've had enough with the doomsday media. It's time to trust in the God of my choice to care for me, provide for me and keep my head above water, come what may. Peace in uncertainty was the goal of ancient wise people. I'm making it my goal as well. I'm looking for opportunities to curb my oh-so-American habit of tossing things out before seeing if said trash can be fixed or re-purposed. I'm washing out my zip-lock storage bags, keeping a more careful eye on food expiration dates to avoid unnecessary waste and expense, and I've arranged for cooking classes with my Oma to expand my dine-in culinary repertoire. Most importantly, I'm focusing my attention on things that bring me joy.
The ancients also knew that what we focus on is what we get. Focus on doom and gloom, and darkness will surely find its way to our door. Focus on joy and love and creating goodness, and supportive, uplifting light will shine over our threshold. As a woman who trusts in the power of the positive, I'm making it my sacred responsibility to bring more light into uncertain times.
My brand of light shines through my creativity and compassion. In order to up the wattage, the Universe is challenging me to creep a bit further out from under the bushel basket and share the goodness God gives through me. My knees are knocking, but I know in my heart, now is not the time to retreat. Now is the time to come as forward as I dare. Because my brand of light may be just what some else needs to gain the courage to turn up their own wattage. Their light in turn switches on the courage of someone else. And the domino effect takes hold.
Light, my friends, light in its myriad forms of care and concern and community and creativity is what we collectively need to focus on. We, in our fully expressed selves, are the answer to stabilizing an unstable world. What ever we dream of doing, whatever cause speaks to our hearts, whatever way we can express our love and care and bring more light to this world, the time is now to begin.

Monday, October 06, 2008


Yesterday, doubts were dashed and festivity prevailed. Yesterday, you see, was Thankschristmas. My quirky family has adopted a new tradition since the little lake house entered our lives last year. Because my relatives leave for warmer winters at the end of the month, we have officially rushed the season and combined the holidays. We have invented a reason to gather and feast in the shimmering autumn of western New York. Thankschristmas is now my favorite holiday.
With a gaggle of German immigrants in attendance, of course, there was a real tree. Lights, glass ornaments and a wood-shaving star on top. The table was set with vintage Christmas linens, candles, pilgrims and pumpkins. Each chair had a vintage apron, freshly pressed, draped over its back. The kitchen was resplendent with smells of the rushed seasons. I was Pavlov's dog at the site of 4 pies. The floor under the tree was massed with bags and tins, all stuffed with treasures from garages sales and thrift stores. My Aunt, the Queen of Collecting Humorous Crap, had spent countless happy hours hunting down silliness for the holiday. There were 48 packages in all.
The first order of business was food. Hors' d'oeuvres', al fresco, out on the abandoned golf course just beyond the lake. Roasted tomatoes and goat cheese, pears with walnuts, dates and marscapone, cider bread with 2 Italian cheeses. We were vultures.
The second order of business was food. Back at the house, dinner was heated, wine was poured, everyone donned their vintage aprons (the men looked especially chic) and the feast began. We were insatiable. Aprons had to be loosened all around.
The third order of business was loot. 48 packages worth. We each took multiple turns picking from the pile, showing off our wares, stealing, bargaining and laughing 'til we cried. My Dad landed a shiny blue thong in one round, and I am the proud owner of 5 vintage paper, holiday tablecloths in original packaging. I almost gave them up for a chance at a John Deere tractor apron in green and yellow.
The last order of business was food. 4 pies and real whipped cream. Mincemeat, apple, pumpkin, and peach. We were gluttonous.
Finally, reluctantly, Thankschristmas came to an end. We were happy. We were full. We were thankful. Our cheeks hurt from laughing. Our invented holiday was the remedy for all ills, all worries, all doubts. All we need is good food, good company, laughter and love. Most of all, love.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dreams and Doubts

I have many wishes and dreams and hopes. I have varied talents and abilities. I have loose ideas of how to manifest my dreams using my talents. I have pictures in my mind of what those dreams will look like and feel like. What I also have are doubts.
I have doubts in my ability to follow through. Doubts that what I have to offer has value. Doubts that I will lose myself in the unfolding process. Doubts that I can shed the reclusive cloak of safety long enough to bask in the manifestation of a dream come true. Doubts I can stay present in the dream and hold it long enough for good to be done.
And so I am stuck. Paints and papers lie dormant. Photos remain hidden. Words are suppressed. Plans for gatherings to heal and share and blossom remain unexplored. I am stuck in a world of doubt.
But this I know: no other woman on earth can give to the world what I alone was sent to give through my authentic gifts. If I do not rise above my doubts and fears, a piece of the healing puzzle will go missing. A spark will never turn to flame and warm waiting hearts. I will spend the rest of my days pregnant and uncomfortable, never giving birth to the full purpose of my soul. That scares me more than death. To live an unfulfilled life.
Today I am asking God and angels and my own higher self to help me release my fears and doubts. To help me burst the bonds of a cloaked creative life. To help me understand how flowers and tea and art and words and compassion can meld into a life that takes flight. A life that shines and shares the flame of God within.
{And do you know, no other person on earth can give to the world what YOU alone were sent to gve through your authentic gifts...}
Update: Through my sniffles and shared thoughts of doubt over the phone he said to me, "Honey, the answer to everything for you right now is to believe in yourself. It's that simple. Just believe in yourself". Well, ain't that somethin'. And he's right.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Pale Yellow Petals

I'm waiting. But I don't know for what. Time is suspended. Interest is suspended. Ambition has taken a back seat. So has sloth. I'm simply waiting.
There is no discontent inside this void. Actually, life is more crisp. My awareness is heightened as angels scatter their hints and wisdom before my less-than-turbulent mind. I'm watching. I'm listening. I'm gathering data.
I continue my daily routine of making pretty things. I thrill at the sight of rainbows, 2 days in a row, on my drive home. I marvel at a profusion of pale yellow petals in my kitchen. I cook. I cuddle. I tilt my ear to the silence.
I'm waiting. Waiting for a signal or a flicker or a post-it note that points the way to my next great passion. Or redefined purpose. Or next step on the path of my personal evolution. It's coming. In one form or another. On petals or skyline spectrums or whispers in the noiseless night. It's coming. I'm waiting. My heart is filled with hope.