Sunday, October 19, 2008

Goddess Gathering

October 18th was Goddess Night. The Sisterhood of the Flowing Skirts all showed up in pants. They brought brie and cream puffs and truffles. I served corn chowder and rosemary bread and salad with homemade dressing. We chatted and feasted in my little square kitchen. We discussed how unity and sharing and the dispersal of Light were the calling cards for the times at hand. We oogled over the black kitten in residence, washed the dishes and retired to the living room. The time was at hand to invoke the gathering of Goddesses.
Spreading a blanket on the floor, we each claimed a corner. Present and accounted for were the Goddesses of Love, Clarity, Healing and Compassion. The Goddess of Clarity arranged the altar in the center. The Goddess of Healing brought out the gilt-edged Goddess Cards. The Goddess of Love tuned her Tibetan singing bowl and me, the Goddess of Compassion, gathered pillows for comfort. Our golden scarves were draped over shoulders and the first cards from the deck were drawn. Each card, bearing artwork and explanation of a world-recognized Goddess, held a precise message for each of us.
Surprisingly and not, the 3 Goddess cards I chose were spot-on in timeliness. Artemis, the Guardian, told me I am safe and spiritually protected. She told me I have a sacred mission to spread love and light and to let go of my concerns and worries. She said a joyful heart and laughter will set my power in motion. She also said the worst is now behind me. Aine (awn-ya) told me now is the time to take a leap of faith. She said to take a risk and put my true heart's desire into action. Make my decision and all the Universe will rush to support me. She said to TRUST and hesitate no longer. She assured me, with baby steps, my dreams will come true. And White Tara told me I am becoming increasingly sensitive to energies. She said to avoid harsh relationships, environments, situations and chemicals.
2 meditations, 1 hands-on healing session, a respite for cream puffs and tea and further discussion of the need for sharing God-given gifts...and the Goddess gathering drew to a close. We lingered at my door with thanks and hugs and promises to exchange recipes. And then they were gone.
Our Goddess Gathering did not solve the problems of the world. What it did was add more love and light and joy into the ethers. It raised the vibrations of the atmosphere a tiny bit. It warmed the hearts and souls of 4 women, especially mine.
{Any time human beings gather for the purpose of sharing and caring and exchanging the energy of love, the earth is caressed, the energy of fear is pushed back and the world as a whole is healed a little bit more. If we create simple opportunities to gather, if we make the time to just be happy together, the world will shift more fully towards the good.}


  1. Yes! It's all about the healing, positiveness of friends gathered for a single appreciate and guide each other.
    Lovely thought provoking post. Thanks Graciel.

  2. Ah, I wish the whole world could gather as good friends do---wishing each other well, caring for one another, making life better. Very nice sentiment expressed here.

  3. I could use a Goddess Night and a Sisterhood of the Flowing Skirts :)!!I suppose in a way that's what a try to get through visiting blogs. It's a way for me to commune with others.

    Thankfully I'm back on line now and will be able to start adding to my journal again. I've missed it and missed being able to regularly visit journals like yours. Your words always help me to find a calm, contemplative center.

  4. Oh, it sounds like pure magic. Thanks for sharing the evening with us, and for creating what's possible for each of us.


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