Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hand In Hand

Our fate is in our own hands. And our own hearts. We are not at the mercy of outside circumstances. We are at the mercy of inside circumstances. Our inner-most thoughts, the stories we tell ourselves over and over, and the basis of our actions, be they fear or trust, all determine the quality of our lives.
As this new world unfolds, our individual hearts and hands must choose a new fate. We have lived in a state of separation. The choice must now be made to live in a state of unity. The time is no more to focus on our differences. The time is ripe to find our commonalities. We must use our hands to reach across artificial boundaries and embrace people of varying cultures. We must heed our hearts and welcome new ideas from new places. We must stop being so damn afraid of each other.
World unity, the idea and practice that every person is of value and deserves to be loved and supported, is the direction we are now headed. The idea and practice of separation, regarding culture, race, and caste, is being washed away. Mindsets and heart sets entrenched in outdated dogmas will find themselves drowning in misery. Or simply drowning.
We must make the choice to open our hands to each other, to form new connections and strengthen the ones we have. We must learn to live cooperatively, sharing and caring for each other as never before. We must choose to curb excesses that threaten the survival of this planet. We must choose new stories to tell ourselves. "We are safe. We are loved. There is always more than enough".
Hand in hand, heart to heart, open mind to open mind, the quality of our individual and collective lives will rise. Do not be afraid. Be separate no longer. Choose a new fate. Unite.

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  1. You are so right, dear Graciel. This is not a zero sum game. And all new love and kindness always circles back.


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