Sunday, June 02, 2013

know it all

my tiny soothe-me garden

despite the chaos and the upset, despite any inclination to feel lost, the answers we seek are usually right before us. actually, they are inside of us with the magical ability to project themselves outside of us, at our feet or in front of our eyes.

but chaos and upset cloud our vision and our instinctual knowing. the only way to invoke the answers to the questions of the moment is to first find a way to soothe ourselves. when we are soothed, we relax. when our mind and body feel safe and at ease, everything we need to know shows up.

soothing ourselves takes effort. we need to commit to the effort to get to that metaphorical place of peace. standing at the freezer door inhaling ice cream is not the soothing i speak of. it is much more an atmosphere of peace that needs to be created; a setting up or preparing of nest, food, bath or nature sanctuary. building something, riding a bike, sailing. the effort must result in a calming of the entire nervous system

if that happens, when that happens, there is nothing we cannot know.