Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Techni~Color Bloom

I am completely immersed in my Home Edition course,
to the unfortunate neglect of this space.

I am being changed in ways I cannot yet articulate,
but the changes are good and needful.


Long overdue.

Right on time.

And through the navigation of this course
my soul is indeed finding its techni-color bloom.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Firsts on the Second

March 2nd~

It began with the first sighting of a redwing blackbird for the year. The first robin came swooshing over the road in front of my car. Then, the first high-altitude Canada geese came soaring through, one ragged V at a time.

There is early movement in the bird nation. Things are looking up.

After work, the tank running low and the prices running high, warranted a stop at the Indian Reservation (the Rez). It's my usual stop with it's twenty-five-cents-cheaper-per-gallon appeal. I'm greeted with not one, but two calls of "darling" by the young attendant in a greasy grey hoodie. His dog, a chopped-tail boxer with tiger-like stripes runs from car to car extending greetings of his own. Forty should do it, thank you. And the pump starts spewing.

The man in the car on the other side of the spare island, window down like mine, looks at me and says hey do I know you? No, you don't. Why are you smiling? I like to smile. That's real nice. Hey, do you wanna make love to me? No, not today. (Still smiling.) With that, the pump clicks off and the greasy grey hoodie takes the cash through my window, calling me "honey" and waving good bye.

The forecast of firsts on the second says, it's going to be a good spring.