Monday, October 13, 2008

Choosing Our Focus

I've had enough with the doomsday media. It's time to trust in the God of my choice to care for me, provide for me and keep my head above water, come what may. Peace in uncertainty was the goal of ancient wise people. I'm making it my goal as well. I'm looking for opportunities to curb my oh-so-American habit of tossing things out before seeing if said trash can be fixed or re-purposed. I'm washing out my zip-lock storage bags, keeping a more careful eye on food expiration dates to avoid unnecessary waste and expense, and I've arranged for cooking classes with my Oma to expand my dine-in culinary repertoire. Most importantly, I'm focusing my attention on things that bring me joy.
The ancients also knew that what we focus on is what we get. Focus on doom and gloom, and darkness will surely find its way to our door. Focus on joy and love and creating goodness, and supportive, uplifting light will shine over our threshold. As a woman who trusts in the power of the positive, I'm making it my sacred responsibility to bring more light into uncertain times.
My brand of light shines through my creativity and compassion. In order to up the wattage, the Universe is challenging me to creep a bit further out from under the bushel basket and share the goodness God gives through me. My knees are knocking, but I know in my heart, now is not the time to retreat. Now is the time to come as forward as I dare. Because my brand of light may be just what some else needs to gain the courage to turn up their own wattage. Their light in turn switches on the courage of someone else. And the domino effect takes hold.
Light, my friends, light in its myriad forms of care and concern and community and creativity is what we collectively need to focus on. We, in our fully expressed selves, are the answer to stabilizing an unstable world. What ever we dream of doing, whatever cause speaks to our hearts, whatever way we can express our love and care and bring more light to this world, the time is now to begin.


  1. Graciel, I'd be honoured to send you a copy of the journal page...and please accept it as a gift...after all, your words were my inspiration! (Email me your address....I have a link on my blog under "about")

    Your beautiful words here are ALWATS an inspiration to me...and I thank you for sharing them.

  2. Nanny taught us that "to worry about something is like a prayer for something you don't want to happen".

    When we give to the Universe the grace of Trust it repays us to the tenfold. Blessings and thank you for stopping by and helping with my little effort to help those less fortunate than we are.

  3. I am a firm believer in the adage that people generally find what they are looking for. In other words, if they are looking for sadness and things to be unhappy about, they will find them. The opposite, of course, is also true. If you are searching for goodness and happiness and light, you will find those too. You expressed this very well here. :)

  4. Your blog posts always bring a smile to my face. Thanks for shining your light.

  5. Sometimes I think myself selfish when I watch what's happening on the tube, (chaos, panic, pessimism and just about anything bad around the world) and i whisper "that's not my reality."

    What I simply mean is that, I have to remind myself not to get so worked up in anxiety because it doesn't do any good or help anyone if I inhale all the bad vibes and walk around with a cloud over me. It's so easy to get affected you see. Specially over here where poverty is even more evident. It's so easy to just think "oh' gawd' Armageddon is here!"

    I stay away from toxic people and places that think gloom and doom as well. I know that this is just a phase. Things will be ok.


I always appreciate the time you take to comment on my blog. Thank you for stopping by. Peace from my heart to yours. xo, Graciel