Sunday, August 04, 2013

last chance

Chance~ July 29, 2013
*looking handsome after I groomed him*

And just like that, my mentor in getting over my fear of horses is gone.

Chance colic-ed and died last night.

His rescuer, human Mom, best friend and herd leader, Tina, was
with him as he passed. Her heartbreak is miles deep because as much as she saved Chance,
Chance has saved her. He was loved by many, including me. The first time I sat on him, I cried.
6 days ago he allowed me to feel confident and empowered.

God bless your fabulous soul, Mr. Chance. Thank you for everything.
And thank you, Tina, for sharing your boy with me.


  1. Anonymous8/04/2013

    I am so sorry.

    Horses are so much like rabbits -- definitive in everything they do. Sigh.

  2. Dear Graciel, I'm just catching up with everyone and find your post about Mr Chance, he looks lovely it must be heartbreaking to loose him I can only imagine and heartily send my hugs to you. I've always loved horses, they are such noble beasts with huge hearts. Poor poor Mr Chance, I'm wondering how he came to go colicky, such rotton luck.

    Biggest hugs Graciel, sorry to away SO long.

  3. oh graciel. i cannot believe this. cannot. i am so so sorry.


  4. I'm so sorry for your sad loss. What a beautiful, elegant soul shines from those dark eyes.

  5. Graciel and Tina.... I had no idea. This is such devastating news. I'm so very sorry....

  6. I am so sorry, for him and for you and for Tina. What a handsome boy. xoxo

  7. My heart aches at this news and I am sad beyond measure at your/Tina's loss. Surely he was an angel presence here on earth.


  8. I'm so sorry! We lost our horse More to Come to colic as well. 8 years later we still mourn her, esp my husband. She was only in my life 3 years but she'd been a part if him for 20+ years.


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