Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Compass Heart

All answers lie within. All truth lies within. Everything of great importance, of great meaning lies within. We need look no further than ourselves when faced with opportunities or challenges or pathways that will change the course of our lives. The yes or the no, the stop or the go can be clearly heard within, if we would only choose to bend our ears to our hearts.
The heart is our compass and our guide. It unfailingly points the way to our highest good. Our final answer. Our most direct path. The heart is never wrong, for it is aligned with God. It is aligned with our life's blueprint and is privy to the destiny of our soul. It is the conduit that allows grace to flow and bless our lives in extraordinary ways.
Our job, our responsibility is to heed the heart's call. To trust its impulses. To make it our final authority. We must put aside opinions and commands from outside its chambers. We must respectfully turn away from the fears and the noise of those around us, and humbly turn our attention within. We must trust and know our hearts would never betray us, and never lead us into anything that is not for our very best at this very moment. We must trust and know our hearts seek only unbounded, unselfish, unwaivering love. In everything we do. In everywhere we go. In everyone we meet.
We must reverently and humbly bend our ears to listen to the beat of wisdom within. We must catch the first impulse, the first word, the first rush of emotion that comes to our conscious awareness. There do the answers lie. The heart is quick and concise, truthful and final. It offers an answer immediately.
We must trust our heart, follow our heart, and live from our heart. The reward and the result will be a life spent in peace and prosperity, a life spent in love.

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  1. Susan @ 80 O3/09/2007

    "...if we would only choose to bend our ears to our hearts."

    That is memorable writing! Kudos.


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