Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Path of Destiny

Suddenly, I find myself staring down the path of destiny. It is a curving path with no roadsigns, no speed limit, no recorded length. It is not a paved path. I see no footprints or hoofprints or tire tracks. This is not the path less traveled. This is the path yet-to-be traveled. It begins at the end. The end of 6 cycles of 7 years, in which my body and cells and thoughts have renewed themselves for the 6th time. It begins at the end of a life lived as ordinary, predictible and tame. Though the landscape hugging the path is lush and green and filled with the promise of growth, I cannot see past the first curve. I cannot see what lies ahead.

No matter.

My heart is the lamp I hold firmly in front of me.
Courage and trust are the shields I bear.
Love and respect are the fuel for my journey.
God is my unfailing guide.

Come peace.
Come harmony.
Come adversity.
Come destiny.

My footprints are already marking the path.


  1. Anonymous3/18/2007

    Feels like we are in the same holding pattern. No matter, we have the knowledge of change in our pockets, with the Vernal Equinox bringing new light. Bless the increasing sunlight.

  2. this speaks to me so much today - thank you sweet one x

  3. Just found your blog - love what you write.


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