Sunday, January 10, 2010

Crazy Cat Lady~ Day 7

Alright, I admit it. Before I remembered to keep my voice 'normal' while the camera was running, there I was using my typical cat voice in addressing the gang of 4. (Dogs, squirrels, rabbits, mice and birds get the same inflection. I can't help it.)

The update, small as it is: emails have been sent out, only slightly pleading, to 2 no-kill cat shelters asking for help, guidance, advice, anything. The cats are strays, not feral, based on the feral cat website that states if cats are willing to eat in the vicinity of a human, they are not wild, but stray. Found the surrender times and days( very limited) for the 10 Lives Cat Shelter with expected fees per cat at time of surrender. $75 per cat for vet care, and rendering them sterile.

2 pieces of scrap carpet have been launched through the window to keep exposed pads a tad warmer. Looking for more. And best of all, after today's early bird 4pm vittles, I ran into the incredibly sweet woman who rents the house near the garage. She will have her husband call their landlord to ask if I can have permission to enter the garage. I will go back to see her on my next day off. If permission is granted, first of all, hooray(!), second of all, cardboard boxes with carpet pieces will be placed towards the back of the garage for more protection from the elements. And from there, hopeful coordination of borrowing live traps, coaxing, trapping all 4 (sounds daunting) and finding a shelter to accept them...unless, of course, you've been following this small saga and wish to take one of these darlings under your wing from the time they're safely extracted from said garage. (A girl can always hope.)

So, there you have it. Winter Strays~ Day 7.


  1. SugarFreeSeer1/10/2010

    What shelters did you contact? The one by me is the lovely people I get the catnip bags from,I can call them this week if you need me too. I will help you transport them when you get them, have truck will travel! I would love to have Creamsicle, but The Moose just cost me another hefty vet bill and Phil says no, party pooper! I think we need to open our own cat shelter!

  2. I love you crazy cat lady! I am bringing a roll of carpet with me to work. I wish that I could take all of them...especially Coco, but we'd have to change her name and I'd have to convince Keith(moving mountains, you know). I'll see you in the mornning with remnant in hand.

  3. They don't seem to be very frightened of you. That is a good sign. They like the carpet too. I wish I could take one, but I'm a bit far away. I doubt my husband would agree to it anyway. If you get to the point where you are able to get them to a shelter and find one that will take them, I could send you a little money to help with the fees needed. I'll stay tuned for what happens next. Bless you, Graciel for being such a caring and giving person.

  4. You are truly an Angel, Graciel! Bless you for having such a loving, giving heart!

  5. Sorry Graciel I do have to get back and read this post, but gotta run now.

    I give you this Award because you are special to me and you deserved it. Do pick it up if you like it at my blog.
    Hugs Dagmar

  6. okay I'm back a day later (or is it two already). I LOVE to hear your voice even if it's a Catty one...;-))))
    These sweeties are so blessed having you around. And just read about all the help you got in the above post. Splended. I hope I know you'll get it done and figured out my friend.

    Sweet warm hugs for you and the cats. Dagmar


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