Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Winter Strays~ Day 2

I couldn't stay away. My curiosity rivaled a cat. I had to know if the bowl was tipped over, if the food was gone, if anyone in fur was still in the garage. I went before work and peeked in the window. The bowl was upright and half empty, and way in the back of the garage, at the pixelated edge of my zoom capabilities, was a pair of cats curled around each other on a dingy piece of foam. The Himalayan and the disheveled long hair, who I have nicknamed (begin your eye-roll now) Coco and The Puff. The Puff, upon seeing me, stood up and seemed to smile. I gave morning salutations and promised to return. It seems, despite pure bred status and a healthy coat, Coco is indeed a stray.

I went back in the dark. With an 18 pound bag of vittles. By the light of my high beams I dumped a coffee can's worth of food through the window and into the bowl. Coco came running and braved my presence for first dibs. The Puff came too, meowed her thanks, and stood under the window while I talked to her. She introduced me to her friend who hung back slightly, a new-to-me cat in white with orange stripes. "Hello, Creamsicle", I said, "Welcome to dinner".

Tomorrow I hope to drop a water dish through the window. My friend, Don, fashioned 2 of them from cut-down flower buckets. Yes, in this weather the water will freeze, but I'll do my best to keep cracking the surface. And maybe, just maybe, with food and water, with trust built and as-yet-unforseen help revealed, these beautiful cats will will no longer spend their days as winter strays.


  1. Anonymous1/06/2010

    You are an angel.

    In the spirit of compassion, I salute you.


  2. Bless your heart, Graciel. I'm hugging you from Ohio.

  3. Beautiful! Beautiful cats and beautiful acts. :)

  4. Tears here .. I am so happy for these cats. I'm also glad they've found each other. I think they love the love you give them too .. not just the food. It sounds cold there. What a beautiful unfolding happy story.

  5. An angel...a saint...I know you're probably laughing at us because it's just "what you do" but THANK YOU!


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