Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Left Behind

Tonight I went to check on the 3rd trap. What I found was Creamsicle sitting on the carpet in front of the yet-to-be-sprung trap. If a cat can look forlorn, Creamsicle did. I pleaded softly and told him/her the other 2 were waiting. I went for my camera and when I got back, the fur ball had moved to the back. Sigh.

I decided to check on the sardine situation in the trap. Had any been deftly swiped? As I went to the back of the garage, I waited at the rear window and sure enough, Creamsicle stuck her head out, looking for an escape. A simply gorgeous cat close up. As it turns out, no sardines had been extracted. Perhaps the stomach of the Left Behind is not yet empty enough. I added some dry morsels to the stinky pile of sardines for good measure. And again, I wait.

Could you please offer up another prayer or 2 for Creamsicle to surrender and let me bring her in from the cold?

In happy news, the wonderful Susan from the shelter sent me an email update. She said other cats were moved around so Coco and Puff could be in the same cage. 2 cat beds were provided, along with litter box, food, water and toys. Coco went to her bed as if she knew it was meant for her. Puff was more shy, sitting on the edge of Coco's bed or behind it. Wet food was given to help soothe them. Pictures are coming. I'm thrilled they are together as they adjust.

At Niagara Feline Friends, cats have people names, I was told. Something to do with the musical CATS and the notion that cats only get into heaven if they have a human name. Well, okay. So Coco gets to be Coco, but Puff needs to be changed. I asked for Puff to be changed to Gwen, because if I could have taken any of the 4, I would have taken the disheveled puff and named her Gwen. (Truthfully, any cat of mine has 12 to 14 names, so Gwen would have still been Puff...if you follow me.)

So, let's pick a name for Creamsicle. I trust you will pray hard enough to get the cat in the trap and force a name change. So, I'm taking suggestions. Just one caveat~ I'd like it to be an Angel name. And we don't know if Creamsicle is a boy or girl, so you might have to make 2 suggestions.

Now you're up to date. Thank you so much for your most kind comments, your interest and your continued prayers.

xo, Graciel


  1. Oh poor Creamsicle! Well my son's favorite name is Gabriel and that is an angel's name. There is always Angela if she is a girl, but she/he does not look like that at all. Will continue the vigil here as well...

  2. Anonymous1/19/2010

    Nothing poor about this situation, how about Sandy or Rusty?

  3. Prayers continue here. I so hope Creamsicle will join the others. Glad to hear that Coco and Gwen can be together. I don't know if they are angel's names, but I like Lottie and Thomas.

  4. Oh my heart is sad for Creamsicle.

    Sorath is the angel of the spirit of the sun. Talia is also an angel of the sun, but its a girl's name.

    Hayyel is the angel of wild animals, s/he protects animals and teaches humans to treat them with kindness.

    Sariel is an angel of guidance and healing.

  5. sometimes covering the trap helps. Or I have tied the traps open so they will not work. I feed the cat right next to the trap , then just inside the trap, then part way, then all the way at the back of the trap. Do this over several days - when the cat is eating at the very back of the trap then of course I remove the tie so I can capture it.

  6. Poor Creamsicle missing his friends, we'll keep praying. Maybe tuna instead of sardines...a thought.
    How about Ariel, who names means 'lion or lioness of God'. Since angels really have no gender any angel name should do nicely. If Creamsicle was coming to my house he'd be Raphael (male or female)

  7. Oh, I'm praying, I'm praying...

  8. Oh I so feel your struggle with this-we had to catch/rescue some strays near us as well-it's hard watching them adjust but so worth it when you see them curled up on a couch in the sunlight of their new home :)

    Arielle for a girl and I Raphael for a boy? (Angel not Ninja Turtle :)


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