Friday, January 01, 2010

Into The New

You know as well as I do, what we decide today, this new day of a new year of a new decade, with our best and most optimistic intentions, will begin to feel like a bit of a struggle 3 weeks from now. We feel sure and fresh today, convinced we can surmount anything and make any dream come true. It's a glorious sensation, that joyful optimism. Buoyant. Giddy. Lathered in hope. It's easy. It's pleasing. And desperately necessary. I thank God for the inner bounty of days like today. I hope, like me, you are scheming your best year yet.

But more than a simple hope for a dreamy fresh start for ourselves, I ask for unfailing strength of mind and heart for you and me to meet the challenges of the year to come.

I ask for support when doubt and fear cast shadows on our dreams for ourselves.

I ask for the cleansing force of love to wash us clean when 2010 feels soiled and unforgiving.

I ask for bubbles of joy to remain readily available in our very own pockets.

I ask for clear roads and clear plans and bone-deep faith in ourselves to carry us wherever we choose to go.

I ask for laughter to lift us and save us daily.

I ask for peace in our noisy brains and gentleness in our times of harshest self-judgement.

I ask that 2010 be the year we learn how to honor our needs more fully, that we see the dignity and common sense in filling our own wells first before we choose to give outwardly.

I ask for good health, yours and mine, and the understanding of what we truly need in order to be healed.

I ask all this so we can live the dreams we choose for ourselves as we collectively step into the new.

My deepest wishes to you, Dear Readers, for a blessed and bountiful new year.


  1. I can't think of a single thing to add to this, Graciel. Lovely, well-written words. Wishing you joy and goodness in every form for the new year.

  2. Ditto Daisy. Wonderful thoughts and wishes and I am sure we will need them all. Wishing you the thing(s) your heart wants most.


  3. Anonymous1/01/2010

    What a wonderful, soul-full post!

    I am soaking in your list of wishes ~ as I claim them all as well.

    I *so* look forward to following your 2010 journey!

    I will copy this list into my journal and return to it often when I need reassurance of such truths. Your eloquence is a continual balm to my spirit, dear Kindred.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Ohh I'm drawn to that little amazing icon 'I dream of Istanbul'
    I think you are not alone:)

    Mutlu Yillar :: Happy New Year wishes from the most inspiring city in the world, Ist'l.

  5. I wish you more travels, more love and more more more!!! xoxo

  6. Yes, yes, yes! And for you too - all of this and some! xo


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