Wednesday, December 30, 2009


2009. A year that broke my heart and healed my heart all at once. A year when my Mother's illness shook me to my core and made me look deep, uncomfortably deep, at things, behaviors and ideas that served me no longer. A year when love roared to the forefront and begged to be the guiding force from moment to precious moment. A year when finally, finally, I could ignore my sacrificial tendencies no longer and began to make amends to myself. A year that ingrained in my psyche forever what really matters and what really doesn't.

2009. A year when grace demanded its due and love swept everything clean.


  1. The beginning of a new year will do us all good, I think. Take with you those changes from 2009, learn from them, and put them to good use in the year to come. Wishing you every happiness in the new year, Graciel.

  2. Anonymous12/30/2009

    wishing you all the love and laughter you deserve in the new year.

  3. Your Year of the Heart, one of those years that do indeed sweep through your life, blowing all the unnecessaries out the door. Love is all you need. Well, okay, not really, but not much more. Not really. Just flowers and chocolates and a bird at your window. :)


  4. You lived more in one year than many of us live in an entire lifetime. I applaud your strength in facing life and going the distance. I look forward to sharing 2010 with you, my friend. You are an inspiration.

  5. I wish you more then a thousends new memories to create with your beloved mother.

    And my all your dreams come true this year ahead for you and your Gipsy King.

    Untill we meet my friend.
    Sweet kisses and loved hugs

  6. Many blessings to you in the New Year!


  7. Happy New Year Graciel. I look forward to sharing with you during 2010. Peace Bless.


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