Monday, December 28, 2009

The Darkest Days

It is in these darkest days at the end of the year that light comes pouring in. Ideas, refined dreams, and thoughts of what it would take to be more happy. Like little flames of light, one after another, the visions and messages come. At the end of the year, there is only strength to write things down, to ruminate in the well-lit darkness on the flashes that lift my soul. The time is not yet here to act. The time is ripe for stillness. Deep listening. Awareness of the quickening of breath when a thought, a flash, is particularly bright.

In these, the darkest days, answers come, the sun is born, and hope is kindled anew.


  1. You are so right (once again). I'm spending the last few days
    of this decade thinking about what has been and listening for those whispers of what can be. It can
    be quite scary - but at the same time, just as exciting.

    Wishing you the very best for's to love, light and laughter!

  2. Popped in to say hello! Your words inspire me!

  3. The whispers have already begun, surprising me with their lightheartedness. I have no energy to do anything but sit still, take them in, await the time of action. You are so right - hope is kindled anew. Gorgeous, wise words here.


  4. Oh thank you! I am not alone. Each year, between Christmas and New Years, I come to Santa Fe, NM to pause, to reflect, to be quiet, to LISTEN to dreams...and when I return to life in Pennsylvania, I do so with renewed optimism and sense of purpose. Thank you for this beautiful photo, a flame...

  5. It reminds me of what my mother says when I am feeling dark and reclusive.
    She reminds me that plants sprout under dark damp earth before reaching up to the light to be born.

  6. There will be light in your live always Graciel. And so will your light shine on so many others to give comfort and sooth.
    Have a Happy New Year and may your heart be light all the time. Sweet big big hugs. Can't wait for spring so we finally will meet.

  7. you've captured so perfectly what I love about winter: the reflection and rest and dreaming.

  8. Hello Graciel, I find your words soulful. I feel moved and a sense of hope.


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