Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Saw A Sign

Well, did you see it? The sign? (What sign, you ask?) The sign the Universe laid out just for you?The one that gave you direction on how to better your life? The one that answered your question? That sign.

You missed it? You missed the sign? Oh, for Pete's sake, really? And the Universe went to such trouble to give you such a good clue! Okay, then. Pay attention. More signs will come. No, no, you didn't miss your chance. Always, always, always the Universe will lead you to a better opportunity. Actually, it spends each and every day throwing out hints, big and small, to get you smack dab in the middle of goodness. If you're having a bad time, the hints and clues and signs the size of billboards will come at you more fast and furious. To get you the hell out of dodge and into a much sweeter spot.

So, pay better attention, will you? Nothing and nobody is served by your being in a less than savory situation. The Universe knows that happiness is contagious. It wants to get you happy. It's willing to tap dance naked in the street if it has to, to get you moving in a blissful direction.

Come on. Be honest. You wondered what that thing meant yesterday. You snapped your head around when someone mentioned in passing the very idea you've been cooking up in your brain. That bird sighting, that number coming up over and over, that name, that name, that name. They're all signs and you know it. Don't worry if you can't figure it out just yet. Just keep paying attention. The Universe likes a good, well-played-out story as much as you do. No giving away the ending in the preface. Notice the signs and follow along. The bread crumb trail of signs will walk you through a story meant just for you. A story where fear is conquered with confidence and love. A story that lifts you and gifts you with the life you deserve.


  1. You know, I've really gotta tell you, this is one of the best blogposts I've read in a long while. Gorgeously written. And such a beautiful, wise thing you've said.

  2. Oh my yes indeed. The Universe is tossing out signs all the time. tossing out gifts, rolling its eyes, sighing loudly, wondering when we are gonna look up and notice. I am such a believer of this. Bigtime, as we say here in Texas.

    Love this, and ps - I am definitely sending unwinding vibes your way. Keep your shoulders ready - they will suddenly feel loose. :)


  3. my sign says...lovely lady (yes, I'm talking to you) make up your mind and follow your dreams.

    I think you have seen the same sign, no?

  4. I love that you are writing these posts again - letting all that wisdom flow. Sigh - I drown in your words.

    Gonna tweet this one:)


  5. Yes, you're so right Graciel...I really have noticed the signs lately. I'm watching and listening, weighing and wondering. They're all pointing in the direction of letting go while embracing and listening quietly while dancing wildly.

    Strangely enough it's all perfectly clear!

  6. This is better than any self-help book I've ever read. Oh yes Graciel, I know you so well...we are one.

  7. Anonymous12/16/2009

    This is FABULOUS!!!

    Thank you for writing this encouraging post, dear Graciel.

    Get this...Monday I looked at the clock at 4:44. That night I went to the grocery and my check out total was $44.44. Today I was in line for coffee and the woman in front of me was checking out. Her bill? $4.44!!!

    Also, in the past two days, two women have (unsolicited) come up and asked me for my business card and more information about MY coaching business!

    Paying attention to the signs? You betcha!!!

  8. Holy shit woman!!! You know it!!! Only this morning, having a bad one and all, I was driving to work after a particularly challenging encounter with my eldest (love her so) daughter (grrr...hormones kicking in for Heaven's sake!!!) andddddd....I passed an intersection only moments after praying....
    a truck was there....
    it read:


  9. Arrrghhhh I'm blind and deaf for signs it seems right now....I know I know I know but my head is playing awful tricks with me now. So I need some time off it seems and let the paths be clear for me to see.

  10. just started reading your blog, and this post is just beautiful. thank you!

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