Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Holiday Dazzle

I'm not much for jazzing up my home for the holidays. Sure, I have the lone Santa who sits on my kitchen table all year round and I've haphazardly strung white lights along 2 walls in my living room. Oh, and I bought a green amaryllis today. I think that counts. But no tree for me. No wreath on my door. One cassette tape of A Charlie Brown Christmas (for the Schroeder piano extravaganza) and one pair of black socks in the back of my drawer that sport a cartoon reindeer and the word 'Vixen' underneath. That about covers it.

With apologies to my Duetsch mother, I am decidedly un-American and un-German all at once. It's not that I don't appreciate a little holiday bling, but I prefer to visit it elsewhere and come home to holiday minimalism. Pine needles in the carpet and remnants of tinsel in the litter box I find unnecessary.

Lest you think I am the feminine scrooge, I give you holiday dazzle for this blog post. So much less to clean up, and easier than inviting all of you to my home for eggnog and a look at my Santa.
My best wishes to you for a sparkling season.

{Holiday dazzle courtesy of Buffalo's infamous Italian restaurant: Salvatore's Gawdy Gardens.}


  1. This year I am with you - I didn't even "do up" the Emma Tree at work - too busy, too tired, too sleep deprived. And I am in love with visiting all those places that are over the top, but really, really, one candle on Christmas eve is all I want. It will be enough.

    Take care, - so sorry I have been reading & not commenting. Our busy busy time is right now and my mind is just numb most of the time. I am here though.


  2. "Fly, be free, Beautiful Soul! Meet me at 1:23am on the corner of a dream and I will fly along with you".

    I am so there....and will not be late!

    It's been ages since we've typed...of course, you've been having mega adventures!

    Hope all is well and here's to a
    "sparkley" season for you...

    The biggest of hugs....

  3. Lovely sparkly holiday pics:) I seem to get around to putting up my decorations later and later each year and each year there is less and less I use:)But I do enjoy seeing it everywhere I go and then quickly gone once the season is over:)
    I am so pleased you calendar arrived safely and that you are happy with it.Thanks so much!

  4. Dazzling! The key is, you had fun doing it! Enjoy your holidays.

  5. Graciel, the dazzling photos are lovely. I enjoyed them. As for your home, you don't need to add any more sparkles there---YOU live there. You have such a shiny, sparkly spirit in you, anything more would be over the top! :-) Hope you are having a good weekend. Hugs to you from Daisy.

  6. Okay then I will an extra glittery ball in my tree for you my friend. And sending out all the loved thoughts that I can dug from deep within to send you blessings. Bringing two loved ones that are so far apart from one enother close together by heart and minds.

    Sweet Christmas hugs from me to you.


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