Friday, January 29, 2010

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

7am surprise.
styrofoam on the floor, 2 layers of carpet on top, 2 blankets and a very long day. :(
Sebastian Blue in a warm car, on his way to a better life.

busting in at 4:45pm. it was dark, but he was in there. :)

To my utter surprise, the trap door was closed at 7am when I peeked in the garage window. I was on my way to work, but excitedly made the mad dash through the snow to see if, indeed, Sebastian Blue had taken the bait. He had and he was silent about it. Of course, as feared, he waited until it was 6 degrees Fahrenheit to dine. Now he faced a long day of waiting until the wonderful Susan and myself got out of work. I was fretful, but did the best I could to keep him from turning into a catcicle. With 3 layers on the floor, 2 on top and many prayers for protection, I left him.

Despite my worries for his ability to withstand the cold in a stilted position, I was ecstatic that Blue had surrendered to a better life. Even if he was passing through a cold hell to get there. At last, at last, I returned to the squalor garage to spend some time talking to Blue before Susan arrived. He was cramped and silent in the back corner of the trap, but I sang to him and told him how some day soon someone was going to fall madly in love with him (even more than I did) and give him a much deserved home.

By now, Blue is at the shelter with hot water bottles under blankets to warm him body and soul. He'll dine on wet food and kibble and be allowed to adjust to his new situation at his own pace. Susan will send pictures and a progress report as soon as she can.

And now, I have even more great news~ Coco and the Gwen Puff are going to be adopted. Already! My darling sister-friend, Kasia Blue, recently lost her beloved cat Sophie. Kasia and her 2 daughters have been following the stray cat saga since day one and had looked forward to seeing the cats in person at the first adoption fair offered. Not with the idea of adopting, but just to see the stars of the story. Then a little tragedy happened and suddenly they became a one cat household. So, to bring some sweet to the bitter, Kasia decided today to give a home to both of the girls in the story, as soon as they're ready.

It has been a very good day for strays. It has been a very good day for me, as well. I was so happy this evening, I had myself a nice cry, knowing these sweetest of souls were going to live lives they deserved. Thank you to everyone who said a prayer on behalf of Sebastian Blue. May you be blessed in return 10 times over.

Oh, yes, there is more to come...

xo, Graciel


  1. Oh, Graciel, this is such wonderful news. I'm so happy here. Crying again, of course. So fantastic that Blue is going to join the others AND that the first two have already found a home to go to when they are ready!! You do good work, dear lady. Very good work. Bless your heart, bless your heart, bless your heart. Big cyber hug on its way to you from here.

  2. This all brings such joy to my heart!!

  3. I'm so happy, I can hardly see to write to you. So so so happy for those little scared souls. I see my fat fluff of an old kitty in front of the fire and kiss and kiss and kiss him until he says "enough"...kitty's, I fear, aren't suited for the stray life...they like warmth and quiet and good dependable food too much. Thank you, bless you, bless you bless you Gracie.

  4. Oh my goodness - here come the tears of joy! It is all so awesome I can't believe it. You will never believe what I did today - I let my cat out by accident (an indoor rescue cat) as I was on the phone and just thinking it was the dog who wanted out. So i am talking away and I realize what I have done. Well he was petrified sitting outside the door and was sure he was being abandoned again I think cause I opened the door and he ran right back in. My heart skipped several beats.

  5. wonderful! bless you & your heart of gold <3

  6. In front of the fire here, sweet Maggie in my lap, and crying as I read this. We had a neighborhood cat for years and years and years named Blue - not totally feral, left behind by someone a long time ago, he was fed by everyone, had warm sleeping places, and was a part of us until a couple of weeks ago when he at last breathed a last breath and was buried by a neighbor around the corner. Sebastian Blue - I wish you as long a life, but with more happiness. Although, to be honest, our Blue seemed perfectly happy. :) He had lots of mamas and daddies.

    Wonderful, wonderful news, Graciel! And more to come? . . .


  7. What a heartwarming story this has been so far Graciel - all driven by your warm heart!

    I'm also really pleased to hear about the thawing of numb... numb is sometimes a necessary state but it's not a comfortable place to hang out. Can be horrible in fact. Glad you're moving out of it again :)

  8. Anonymous1/31/2010


    Such WONDERFUL news!!!!

    A fantastic ending to an amazing story! You are quite a special soul, dear Kindred.

    Now...perhaps you need to take an example from Sweet Blue and, as you wrote...

    "surrender to a better life"???



    p.s. The word verification for this entry is "dismew". Ha, ha!


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