Monday, February 01, 2010

For The Love Of Cats

Sebastian Blue: his 1st night in from the cold, 1/29
Stray cat inspiration: my Buddha(former throw away) and my Remmington(former stray)

29 days ago, my life unexpectedly changed. In an innocent moment of following an instinct, I was led to the hideaway of 4 stray cats. I had adopted stray cats from shelters, but had never been the one to pluck the cats from squalor and deliver them to better possibilities. Now, I've plucked and delivered and I will never be the same.

If you've followed the story of Coco, Puff, Creamsicle and Blue, you may think the saga was relatively easy for me. It was not. The fears this brought up in me were substantial. I cried many times wondering if I would fail in my quest to figure out how to get them to a shelter. If I failed, blogging woman that I am, I would fail publicly. My heart was wrenched from the first day Puff revealed herself to me and I had more than a few sleep interruptions, waking in worry. I felt tested on many different levels.

What I did in the midst of my fears was ask for help and intervention every day. And every day I got it. Every day the next step was revealed, connections were made, and one by one these cats I came to quickly love were moved from a life far below what they deserved to live to warm possibility.

This saga has been a metaphor for me. In spiritual terms, cats are totems that help human counterparts move more easily in the unknown, as well as helping humans move more efficiently through their fears. Cats are guardians and protectors. They are guides to self discovery and personal transformation. They usher in magic. What the gang of 4 helped me to discover is: 1.) I am more capable than I have consciously given myself credit for. 2.) It is time to move myself to better, more loving circumstances. 3.) Never again hold back when my heart leaps out in front of me and points the way. Yes, that's the clincher: do not resist for any reason, any reason, when my heart's purpose reveals itself in living color.

So, today I am making plans to lift myself into a new life. These plans have to do with my floral design skills, my writing, the need to move and (swoon) my Gypsy King. My plans also include cats, because my heart has made it abundantly clear, they need me and I need them.

{There is a call from Curious Girl to post every day in February about love. Every kind of love, not just the romantic, fantasy kind invoked by Valentine's Day. I'm going to do my best. Will anyone else join us in this teeny-tiny loves fest?}


  1. Never ever resist! I cannot wait to see your new life unfold - no one deserves it more.

    And yes, I will try to join the lovefest. I will do my best. But. That means starting today! Uh oh. Maybe one day late already!


  2. Oh you Rock Graciel. I'm so gladd ever single cat came on it's feet. And all because of you presious soul.

    Do follow your heart, with flowers, with cats, with exploring and even the most with your Gipsy King.

    Sweet wonderful hugs to a special lady, Dagmar

  3. So good to see Blue in a warm place. :-)

    As for your plans, I am rooting for you all the way, of course. Wishing you the very best. Don't hold back. Go for it. This is the only life you're going to get--might as well make it what you want it to be.

  4. Oh thank you for sharing this journey with us! You have made us all stronger.


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