Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Sensual Valentine

Today, I dispense with the standard G rating on my blog. Today, the rating is PG14. In your mind it might very well be R. Beyond that I don't want to know. But I feel we all need a little lift in this blustery month of love. So, today I give you the hamam, the private version of the Turkish bath. Plan your Valentine's day accordingly.

If you need or desire a boost in your level of intimacy with a certain significant other, this is the road to subtle nirvana. Begin by turning the golden spigots and filling the large marble bowl with deliciously hot water.

Get naked.

Ask your partner to sit on the low, marble disc. (Yes, it's the seat.) Remove the etched brass bowl from behind the faucet and dip it in the hot water. Slowly, gently pour the water from the brass bowl over the head of your partner. Dip again and pour the water down their back. Again, down their front.

Replace the brass bowl behind the faucet and reach for the special occasion shampoo. Slowly, thoroughly with gentle fingertips, wash their hair. Dip the brass bowl back in the water and pour until the suds are gone.

Reach for the fabulously scented soap and lather up. With as much attention and deliberation as you have ever put forth, wash your partner from head to toe. Linger with lather where ever your instinct suggests. Top the marble bowl up with fresh hot water. Dip the brass one in and slowly, slowly rinse your partner clean.

Trade places. Repeat. Slowwwwwly.

Use your fluffiest towels to dry each other off. Wrap yourselves immediately in fresh, plump robes.

Or not.

I wish for you a most sensual Valentine's day. Or a most sensual February 17th. Or March 12th. Or whatever day feels right for a wet and wonderful boost.

{p.s. No golden spigots? No marble bowls? Improvise, improvise, improvise!}


  1. Oh my. Blush, blush, but like, like!!


  2. Well...ahem...sounds delightful! :D

  3. Gorgeous... now all I have to do is convince my husband! (I have no gold spigots, and no brass bowl, but I do have a seat in my shower....)


  4. Anonymous2/10/2010

    You simmer down!!! Really, I can't imagine anyone out there that wouldn't want this intimacy and sensuality. How decadent! L'Amour!

  5. And if it is really a day of love, that is only the beginning!!!

    Love any encounter that starts with spa treatments :)

  6. What a beautiful tribute to love. I'm not even blushing because you described it so eloquently.


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