Wednesday, February 17, 2010

These Are Not Glamorous Times

Really, I've tried to come up with something good and profound to say, but I've got nothin'. What I've got is an itchy, pale yellow sweater that is bugging the bejesus out of me and I can't get it off. This sweater is coated with slippery words from false people, temperatures that won't budge above freezing, chipped paint, blooming rust, money sucked down drains and eye-bulging fear of uncertainties. I don't look good in yellow.

These are not glamorous times. The lingering winter, the ready-to-move-on-with-no-where-to-go, bag after bag of glossy chocolate bits adding bulk to my butt, gallons of tea gulped down in hopes of finding comfort, but instead the gulping brings constant flushing and reminders of the sweater I can't pry off. If only I could sleep 'til spring.

Of course, of course, there is so much good going on all around. So damn much to be grateful for. Forgive me, but I'm too busy scratching and flailing around, scanning the dark corners for blue cotton t-shirts, to see all that goodness and weep with gratitude. I'm definitely having a moment.

But, hang in there, I tell myself. One lunatic-fringe flash will come and voila, that sweater will be dead on the floor. And things can get back to being glamorous.


  1. Hugs to you, Graciel. I have several of those itchy old sweaters too. That sure is a pretty blue color in that M & M, though. I'm partial to the peanut ones myself. :-)

    Hang in there, things will get better. It's just the last bit of winter hanging on and dragging you down. I think it is affecting a lot of people this year. I know it has me. Chin up, girlie. I'm sending you a smile to wear until you find your own again. :-)

  2. So sorry you have the blahs. They do have a way of holding us captive this time of year. Sending you a burst of spring optimism. We have bulbs just starting to push their way north. And oh yes, as you said, you are having a moment - just that - it will pass...

  3. the end of winter can be the worst time. enjoy the little things, like the sun peeking through the clouds, and the fact that it's getting lighter a little bit earlier and staying light a little bit later every day. you'll make it! and buy yourself some cashmere :)

  4. I hear you! I'm having a moment too. it's oddly comforting to know I'm in good company. spring is almost here!!!

  5. Oh, a bonfire is needed to burn up that horrible old sweater. I will send matches. Use the extras to light candles for lovely light that will dance on the ceiling and lull you into sweet dreams.


  6. Such on that blue M&M and I suspect you'll find a moment's joy!

  7. You don't always have to be good and profound.



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