Saturday, February 06, 2010

More Love Needed

Oh, sweet Sebastian Blue...we're sending love to you.
The frowsy, inseparable trio...a well-loved life awaits you all.

{Photos from the wonderful Susan}


  1. Oh, he is breaking my heart. Come out, come out, sweet Sebastan . . .


  2. Can't imagine what he is thinking. I have hope, after my Phoebe spent the 4 months under the guest room bed...maybe Sebastian just needs the time to himself to decompress. Sending love. The other 3 are quite a trio!!

  3. Thinking good thoughts for Sebastian here. Hoping some time to adjust will make things better for him.

  4. We are all sending our love to Sebastian Blue. The life that he has planned will come to him soon...someone is making their heart more open in order to accept him into their lives.

    We can't wait to have the trio come home. The girls have been checking on hem everyday via you and were just SSSOOOOO excited to see their picture. All they could say was...awww our babies, we can't wait to get you home!

    Kasia, Sarah and Erin

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  6. Graciel, I deleted my previous post because I mistyped your name and I HATE it when I misspell someone's name. I want to say how much we all appreciate you and Kasia and what you are doing. I'm still praying for sweet Sebastian Blue and I just know he, too, will find the perfect home.


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