Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Request For Love

Sebastian Blue needs your help. It seems he is not adjusting well to confinement. I was afraid of this. He has escaped his adjustment 'apartment' once, hiding out for as long as he could before being caught, and he wants nothing to do with the wonderful Susan, hissing and sulking and staying in the way back. I hope I have not done his freedom-loving self an injustice.

Maybe he just needs more time than the others. Maybe he will come along eventually. He did that for me once already. It was January 12th in the evening, by flashlight. All 4 sweethearts were in the garage. Coco, Puff and Creamsicle had gathered at the front on carpet scraps to listen to me, leaning through the door window, tell them how wonderful they all were. It took a full 5 minutes of me blathering on before Blue gave a yawn from the back, did a yoga stretch(downward facing cat), and walked deliberately to the front patch of carpet and sat down. He positioned himself just slightly in front of the trio. I talked, by the glow of flashlight, for another 15 minutes until my toes started going numb. Those 15 minutes are forever etched on my heart.

Could you please talk to Sebastian Blue and help him calm down? Susan, herself, sent an email asking if all of you could send some love his way. She's doing her very best to help him adjust. But he's scared. Large doses of love will help.

And the other 3? Doing wonderfully. The girls love to be petted and have bellies rubbed. Purring seems to be their new hobby. That Creamsicle-Gabriel has also given in to being petted and scratched behind his ears. For the 3 of them, I have no worries.

Thanks for your help.

xo, Graciel


  1. some cats are more frightened and defensive than others. it's evidence of how much love and attention and care they need. just like people.

    sending blessings of love his way.

  2. Oh dear. Poor Blue. He's probably so scared. Sending good thoughts his way from here.

  3. Anonymous2/03/2010

    Tanner just jumped up on my lap! I hugged him and asked him to send Blue a message of peace, love, calm, and acceptance. We're here praying and breathing together.


  4. OH, poor baby. I just want to be the cat whisperer and let him know it will be okay. So from Maggie and Lily and me - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    (he'll get it.)


  5. Sending prayers and peace, prayers and peace.


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