Sunday, February 07, 2010

Continuous Love

When I am nourished and rested, the guiding light of the Universe is easy to follow. I am most fond of the light that shines on Sunday mornings. No matter the weather or time of year, Sunday before 10am is quiet and radiant and resplendent with beautiful suggestions. I meet the Universe on the living room floor, steaming mug of black tea and instrumental music turned low. I am usually rested and ready for guidance. Today's light shown clearly on a thread of continuous love.

After years of obscurity on a shelf, I noticed, this morning, a picture journal. I had started the journal in 1997. I worked on it sporadically until mid 2001, cutting and pasting images that spoke to my heart. What the Universe wanted me to see today and confirm today was the dominance of birds and flowers stuck to the pages. They filled the middle. They were first and last. They are my present and my past.

I have loved flowers for most of my life. As a floral designer they are with me daily. Not all of those days have been pleasant, despite the collective notion that it simply must be the most wonderful job in the world to work with flowers. It is more difficult on many days than I can possibly convey. Despite that, I still swoon at the smell of a hyacinth and I cannot, cannot get my fill of roses.

This, then, is the guiding light of the Universe regarding me and my long-standing affair with flowers: Go deeper. Take my love for flowers to the deepest reaches of my imagination and then dare to go deeper still. Forget how much I think I know about flowers. There is more to know. Go find that more. Realize these gems of the natural world are a component of my soul's purpose. Use them in new ways to lift my soul to depths and heights I did not think possible even just last year. What has been right in front of me, right in front of me, I am now ready to see as the doorway to so much of what I crave. Dream of. Love. Choose.

I am working on it. I am finding what more there is for me to know. The internal lift is palpable and I am changing in ways that take my breath.

So, let me ask you this: what is it that you love and think you know so much about? What talent, hidden or not, is front and center in your life? Have you even dismissed it as unimportant? Can you see how you are not taking full advantage of this love, this talent and what it could offer you? Get nourished, get rested and open your mind to a bit of guiding light. I am quite certain you have something right in front of you that, if flushed out and shape-shifted, will change your inner and outer world and take your breath away.


  1. great post! I have been concentrating on my homework this weekend and I am in the beginning of a new quarter at school so several of the subjects are totally new to me and I found that the medical terminology course is getting me fired up, it is like learning a new language and I adore it! I want to completely immerse myself in the components of the words and understand them and know what they mean instinctively....not as romantic as flowers, but something inspiring nonetheless!

    Have a blessed day!


  2. Beautiful post!

    I will indeed have to ponder carefully your last paragraph.

    Changing in ways that take your breath? How wonderful!!!

  3. Much to think about. I liked this post, Graciel. Flowers are definitely a part of your soul. :-) I think for me it is just that I need to do more writing. Focus on it, develop it. It is the one thing I keep returning to as something that means a great deal to me.

  4. I just crave to BE.
    Self actualized...self realized, and then simply, silent. Happy. Contentedness.

    To make peace with my past. To reconcile with my future. Letting go of the small things that hold me back currently. Only holding fast to things that inspire love or joy in my life. Letting go of the CHI depleters and the negative Nellies. oxxoxo

    yes btw, to tea in spring with you in NOTL.
    xoxo Fo sho!!!

  5. Awareness, for me, is the challenge. I always strive to be more aware. Always practicing awareness because when I do, the world opens to me.


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