Friday, February 05, 2010

The Question Of Love

The question is not whether he loves me enough. The question is whether I am prepared to love him the way he deserves to be loved. The question is also whether I have poured enough love into my own heart, my own being to be filled to overflowing. It is the overflow, the more-than-I-can-possibly-use-for-myself that will create the lake of love for him to swim in.

The question is not whether she loves you enough. The question is whether you have done everything you possibly can to deserve her love. Her love is a gift. Her love is a grail. Her love is the jeweled chalice that receives the purified elixir of the heart in touch with itself. The heart that knows love starts at its own center and ripples outward. The heart that honors itself first, knowing from experience how best to honor another heart with love.

The question is never whether the love without is enough. It is always whether the love within is enough. If it is, if there is love to spare and share and fill the lake, there is no question.

{Written 2 years ago. Worth repeating in this, the month of love.}


  1. We are on the same road today, both picking pink flowers.


  2. Anonymous2/06/2010

    beautifully written

  3. Holy smokes you've cauth me off garde here. Graciel what a beauty...those words went straight to my heart. And the picture is stunningly to go with it.

    Lot's of love Dagmar

  4. Anonymous2/06/2010

    There is no deserving in regards to love.

    IT IS WHO WE ARE. :)

  5. Your photo is so soft...your words are so wise...


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