Sunday, February 21, 2010

Love In Cream And Blue

Good news, the boys are doing well. Creamsicle and Sebastian Blue have been together since the girls were adopted one week ago. The wonderful Susan at Niagara Feline Friends caught Creamsicle rubbing up to and snuggling on big ole' Blue while he slept with his chin on the litter pan. She said Creamsicle purrs like a motor boat. Both are allowing Susan to pet them, but Sebastian Blue is more comfortable with human contact than the love bug is. Both seem quite content.

The girls, meanwhile, have been quite the handful in their transition to house pets. But all will be well. They are gluttons for petting and brushing and taking over the newly dubbed "princess sofa". For pictures and the update, go visit Kasia Blue.

{Pictures from the wonderful Susan.}


  1. The boys look so cozy together there. They seem to be fast friends. I'm glad to see they are coming along.

  2. Oh I wish I could just fly in and take them both home with me!

  3. You have made some kitties very happy indeed. And you say lest we forget miracles? YOU ARE a miracle woman!!! xo


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