Monday, January 04, 2010

Winter Strays

I went for a walk around Mayberry today while waiting to meet a friend. I had not intended the walk on such a frigid day, but instinct or Soul or a benevolent force suggested I might wish to stroll up the alley on my way around the block. I stopped in the alley to photograph dried queen anne's lace capped with snow. While I focused, I heard a thunk to my right.

Looking up, I saw a cat. She was a disheveled puff of fur staring at me from the narrow ledge of a broken garage door window. After introducing myself and taking a few pictures, I ventured into the snowbank that led to the door. She jumped back in and waited. I peered through gap. She wasn't alone.

2 cats came forward, picking their way through crap on the floor. The floor and the building were rancid with neglect. The disheveled puff gave a few meows, knowing she had hit the mark when she chose to reveal herself to me. Me, who can't resist a feline in need, dead or alive. The Himalayan and the crossed-eyed blue were more cautious and remained mute. I wasn't so sure they were strays like the puff. Regardless, I made solemn promises to return with food within 2 hours. Off I went to meet my friend.

I returned as promised, ahead of schedule, bearing a wood-slat trough and a canister of food. The only cat in sight was the crossed eyed blue, but he quickly ran out the back window. I dropped the trough through the window. With that, the disheveled puff ran across the alley, plowed through the snow bank and launched herself into the garage. I emptied the canister into the trough. She wasted no time being shy. The call of her belly was urgent.

Naturally, I will go back. I will go back with food until I understand what else can be done. I have a compulsion to help make things better. I do not and cannot resist it. I am also crazy for cats.

This day of strays gave me clarity regarding my year ahead. I realize now I do not need to make great plans or resolutions or try to 'make things happen'. I need only declare I am willing to be of service, the service of offering love and care. Anywhere. From that declaration, I will be led. Unfailingly, I will be led. Down alleyways or across the world. And things will get accomplished. Great, spontaneous plans will unfold, and cats will be fed.

{For those of you in Buffalo, might you have any suggestions regarding these cats?}


  1. Oh I am so moved by this post. I love cats. My own two darlings are dead and I live alone yet they are near (they tell me that). Oh I LOVE your word for 2010! How harmony. I love how you see symbolically. How messages come daily in the simple life for our inner being. I love how I see this cat with so much food.

    Thankyou Grace Evenstar for hugging me today with your words.

  2. Oh my. Oh dear. Wow...Such a blessing to be used as you are being used. Willing to be spontaneously led and to act on that inner voice urging you to take action. You are a blessing to the world. Oh thank you! Thank you!

  3. Oh this is so sad. It breaks my heart to see animals that have been abandoned or neglected. Bless you for caring for them and about them, Graciel. I hope you will be able to work out a way for them to have homes somehow. Maybe there is a no-kill shelter that can take them in if they don't belong to anyone.

  4. Mayberry Uh? I know a song from Rascal Flatts were they sing about a grandma in mayberry (never knew it really exist).

    And for the cats they couldn't be in better hands than yours. Maybe you can go to find a cat's shelter and find out were they belong. Otherwise they might find a nice home at your place??

    Keep me informed because they look lovely and can't just be out there alone.

  5. Anonymous1/05/2010


    YES, when we declare our openness and willingness to the Universe, it will respond readily with opportunities (and tests!) to practice our soul work.

    You are such a blessing to the creatures of this world!

    Do keep us posted.

  6. Oh what adorable cats! All the cats that have lived with us have been previously abandoned and they are the best cats as they are so grateful and so loving. There is probably a no kill shelter near by or you could talk to a vets office and post their photos - I would think someone might adopt them just from your photos. I would have a hard time passing them by also. Thanks for being so available and thanks for leaving the kind words on my blog.

  7. Already you embody your word for 2010... Where there is soul, compassion and care will follow. I think it's the perfect word for you Graciel! And this post really touched me.


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