Sunday, January 03, 2010

My Word For 2010

This is my edict for twenty ten, my true north for the course of the year. My word and my way is Soul.

I choose this word because it is high time to let my Soul and its callings be my daily guiding force. In every moment, the ideal is to listen to the directives of my most inner and intimate self. My higher, wiser self. My inner guide. My Soul.

This is the ever-present, inner aspect that knows what is best for me and urges me to act according to my highest good. This is the light of my clear path to passion and play and profound contentment. This is the aspect, the knowing, that trumps all other opinions and cares deeply for my well being. And when I am well in relation to myself, everyone around me benefits.

Let me consider my Soul in all choices I make in the year ahead. Let me attend to the needs of this most creative part of my self. Let me make note of each time my Soul lifts up within me to mark a significant, resonant happening. Let me infuse more Soul in my food, my movement, my dress. Let my love, in all its facets, be soulful. Full. Of. Soul. The time to hold back has passed.

Do you have a word or mantra or edict for 2010? I'd love to know...


  1. Anonymous1/03/2010

    Rhythm, as in the rhythm of joy and love and being.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Your weblog is always so lovely.

    Here is my theme for the year:

  3. That holding back time? In the rear view mirror as I fly past. This year I chose Navigate. I will chart my own course, learn the secret of the stars.

    I love that you chose soul. Your inner guide. You are already a navigator.


  4. I do...I have been working on myself for so many years that this year was calling for "Others" so that is my word for the year. Nurturing myself by nurturing others.

  5. Anonymous1/04/2010



    I look forward to your SOUL shining ever-brighter and deeper in 2010 :-)

    p.s. The Soul Lessons work by Sonia Choquette was instrumental for me this past year. As was The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. You MUST read the latter if you haven't already!

  6. Shivers ~ and the last line The time to hold back has passed ~ ahh .. yes thankyou.

    My word is here

  7. Oh yes Graciel, do pamper your soul. Dig deep and find out even more about you. Just like the layers of this beautiful flower there are stunningly beautiful ones to peel away in your soul.

    I wish for your soul to find all it's in need for this year and all the others to come.
    Sweet hugs soulmate.


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