Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sardine Salvation

And so it begins, the quest to extract stray cats from squalor. A wonderful woman from the no-kill shelter is coming today to help me set up 2 humane traps in the garage. I'm nervous. But hopeful. This is new territory for me. If you could spare a moment, please say a small prayer for the safe and quick capture of the gang of 4. I realize this is so very minor in light of tragic world events, but I'm asking anyway.

I'll keep you informed as things transpire.

xo, Graciel

Update, 4:30pm, Sunday~ no cats in sight. Traps, empty.


  1. It isn't minor, Graciel. It all counts and you do what you can do where you are. We send prayers and thoughts to the people of Haiti, to the people who are there helping, to those who donate money, and we continue to lead our lives. The small moments are important and I am always reminded of that when the big moments occur. So prayers and thoughts also your way, hoping it goes easy, and a whisper in the ear of the catlings. If only they knew what love and happiness awaited them. They will know soon enough.


  2. Anonymous1/17/2010

    Praying! Praying!

    Sending loving hugs of courage and good energy :-)

  3. Sending a prayer up here. :)

  4. I don't believe that this problem is small. Our hearts reach out and affect what we see these poor little souls...they need your help!! Thank goodness you are doing it. I visualized all kitties being taken to warm loving homes. Bless you Graciel!

  5. As the others said, this is not minor at all. For a start, cats are living beings too, and as deserving of our aid and compassion as anyone. But also when you extend such kindness even in quiet ways in a corner of the world, it creates an energy which benefits us all. So I say bless you, thank you, and my prayers continue to go forth for the cats.


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