Friday, January 22, 2010

The Return Of Blue

He's back. The elusive member of the gang of 4 readily showed himself to me this evening. He was sitting on the rear steps of a business along the alley. Because he was sitting next to a cat dish I thought (hopefully) he belonged there. After a bit of observation, I believe I'm wrong.

I got out of my car and talked to him as he sat on the landing, staying at a reasonable distance. I then walked over to the garage hideaway with my flashlight. No one was inside and the sardines on the floor had been eaten. I walked back to my car and got inside. Immediately Blue ran down the steps and launched himself onto the open garage window. He looked down inside and then looked over at my car. That made me decide he needs help.

Blue sat in the window until I reemerged from my car with the food trough and vittles. He jumped down, but only scooted to the blacktop on the side of the garage. I dropped the trough through the window and made sure the dry food hit the bottom with some noise. I got back in my car and took the last fuzzy picture of that lonely, little Blue before driving away.

I've sent an email to the wonderful Susan asking to borrow another trap. I'll let Blue get used to food being in the garage again for a couple days and then dazzle him with sardines in tight quarters. I'll let you know, if you don't mind, when I'll be needing some more of your prayer energy for this last member of the foursome. Thinking positive, I've picked out his shelter name~ Sebastian Blue. Because doesn't his oh-so-handsome self just look like a Sebastian? I hope you agree.

Updates on the safe and snug trio will likely arrive this weekend.


  1. Graciel, I'm glad he has returned. I hope he will be able to join the others. I'll keep him and you, of course, in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Oh my he is soo beautiful. Well so much for you getting some rest... the game begins again!

  3. I've been away for a couple of days and am catching up today. What amazing stories you have for us all. Oh Sebastian Blue looks so lonely. I just know he'll become a part of those lucky ones at the shelter before too long.

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  5. I'm not a cat person. Not really. But I loved hearing this kitty rescue tale and I'm so glad that they had someone like you to look out for them. I bet they're pretty glad, too.

  6. Hi my friend. What would beautiful Blue do without an angel like you? I'll keep my fingers crossed that you can catch him so he will have a wonderful home. Keep us posted please dear Graciel. Hugs Dagmar


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