Monday, September 07, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays # 21

Seek and ye shall find.

Inspired by: Rock Week, a goofy way to stay in the now and lubricate the right brain.

Let me tell you, this made-up rock week thing has me jumping for joy. I swear I could do blog posts on rocks for 3 weeks straight, because once I started looking for rocks, an avalanche started. Living just below the escarpment of an ancient, no-longer-in-existence lake, I practically live in rock city. They are everywhere, in every size, much to my delight.

My first wish for my first post was to find a heart shaped rock. I thought it would set the tone nicely for a week of earth bound captivation. I headed for the cheerfully named "Murder Creek" that runs through Mayberry. I randomly selected a spot to tumble down the banks of the creek to begin my search. I did not have to tumble far. The very first rock that greeted me as I hit the creek bed was the one pictured above. The largest heart-shaped rock I had ever found. I knew right away, it was going to be a darn good week.

And guess what? A few welcome and up-for-anything souls have actually signed up for rock week! Stop by and see what rocks Don and Kasia and Lisa and Elise and Sarah have skipped across the blogosphere. Care to join us? Let me know in the comments. September 11th is peace rock day...make a peace sign out of the rocks of your choice. Now that's inspiring.

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  1. Hi Graciel!
    Lovely choice of rock for the first day of your rock week. Be careful in that creekbed! I am just off to visit the other rock weekers now!
    Sarah :)

  2. wow! that is quite the heart-rock! i looked for some heart-shaped rocks the last time i was at the beach (i wanted to take a tiny one home with me to put in my art room, but they were elusive.

    (hi! i came over from the bones of a poet flickr site to check out your blog. lovely to meet you!)

  3. That was definitely a good sign. This one made me smile big. :D


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