Friday, September 18, 2009

Pictures While Driving~more maps of change


  1. Buddha is gorgeous and I love your description of your relationship with him. I love the way cats have such personality. Lily, one of mne, once had a fat lip-I think she was stung by a bee or wasp. Ever since them I have seen her avoid them very carefully.
    Your pictures while diving are beautiful-though I hope you are being careful!

  2. driving! Though pictures while diving would probably be quite fun too!

  3. That first cloud picture looks like it has a T-Rex dinosaur in it. HA! :D

  4. Oh, clouds!

    We have had many cloudless days here lately. (As was the case also the WHOLE TIME we were in Chicago!)

    The weather has been gorgeously perfect with bright blue skies...but a noticeable absence of clouds.

    And I discovered myself feeling stagnant and stuck these past couple of weeks.

    Where did my road maps of change go?



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