Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rock Week~ and the passion for creeks

With piles and piles of rocks still waiting to be revealed, how to choose the last rock post for the week? It came down to my love of creek beds. And so, I give you Ellicott Creek, the creek of my formative years and the one that draws me back over and over again. Like Murder Creek, Ellicott Creek meets the rock escarpment of an ancient lake and waterfalls its way to lower levels. When rocks and water form waterfalls, there lies the deepest peace for my soul.


  1. You are blessed for creeks in your part of the world! We have Deptford Creek near to where I love but it is a very different type of creek-it is a river flowing into the Thames at Greenwich and at low tide is pure mud with strange objects sticking out of it.
    Thanks again for rock week!

  2. Dear sweet Graciel. What Rock week your Rock week is. Let it all rock I would say. Love all the pics you've put up here. Miss you much and you know why. I'll be back soon. Take care. Love Dagmar

  3. Anonymous9/12/2009

    Rock week was a much needed joy for me. Thank you for the prompt, and might I add one to the hat. Circles. Also, I appreciate your creeks. I miss being near to one very much.

  4. I can almost hear the water, Graciel. Beautiful photos.


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