Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rock Week~ and a few of my favorite scenes

Murder Creek exposed
Do you see the retriever head?
Still life with duck
Favorite still life with duck

"The only difference between an extraordinary
life and an ordinary one is the extraordinary
pleasures you find in ordinary things."
Veronique Vienne

Rock week tumbles on over at the blogs of Don, Kasia, Lisa, Elise, Debbie and Sarah. Tomorrow is peace rock day. Let's give it a chance. Let me know if you wish to be included.


  1. Oh thanks for showing us Murder Creek-it looks so beautiful. I love the duck still lives and I immediately saw the dog's head! Is that near to where you live?

  2. PS
    I love that quote too-so true.

  3. Oh, more great photos!

    Love the retriever head shot!!!

    And who can resist duck poses?!?

    So majestic and peaceful.

    Amazing quote, too. Sometimes I forget that.

  4. YES! I do see the retriever head. :D


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