Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Rock Week~ and the shedding of the old

I'm telling you, go look for rocks. You don't have to formally participate in this made-up rock week festival, but if you want to see new sights and stumble across purposeful signs from the Universe, go hunt for rocks. I will be hard-pressed to squeeze in all my rock stories and fascinations this week because the creek bed alone gave me scads of incredible things to ponder.

When I came across this snake skin in the dried up portion of Murder Creek, I squealed. Not from fear, but from sheer delight. Only one other time have I chanced upon an entire skin intact. I knew immediately, upon finding this treasure, that rock week was meant to transform me.

Snakes are symbols of rebirth, resurrection, and wisdom expressed through healing. It is the shedding of its skin that bestows the snake with the "medicine" of death and rebirth. The shedding/death of the old~ fears, out-moded behaviors, apathy towards one's talents, self-deprecation~ brings clarity and new life. The snake remnant told me to leave it all behind, to move beyond all that I have allowed to hold myself back. It was the promise of sure life beyond the anxiety of letting go. It was the sign to tell me I am letting go. Full scale.

After looking closely without touching, I left the skin right where I found it. No need to carry the old and discarded with me, however fascinating it may be. When the rains come again, it will be washed away. And the messenger rocks will stay.

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Have a crush on rocks? Never thought you'd get the chance to admit it? Come play with us. Show us your best rocks or something related to rocks Thursday or Saturday. Friday the 11th is peace rock day. Make a peace sign out of rocks and show the world! Leave a comment if you'd like to be included in the colored links. :)


  1. I love the symbolism you describe and your beautiful find in Murder Creek(and what a great name-though possibly from a horrible history?)
    My Chinese star sign is a snake, I wear a snake ring and generally just find snakes fascinating-along with rocks! So-a double hit today thanks! I would love to take a walk in that creek with you.
    I will be around later with today's rock-just could not resist a peek at the rock people at lunchtime!

  2. What a beautiful post ! I love your blog, thank you so much for sharing it, & hello ! It's lovely to meet you

  3. Rock on Sister! Oh how true it is the shedding of the old to begin with the new...all spurred by a love of rock! Who knew?
    Love it babe!

  4. This is such an amazing find! I can't believe the head!


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