Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thank You, Rock Week

It's a funny thing how slowing down can speed things up. How focusing on simple beauties can allow the weighted mind to to sail lightly over turbulent seas. How rocks and birds and snakes and flowers and all the glories of the world outside our homes can ground us and lift us all at the same time.

Thank you, Rock Week.

Thank you, co-conspirator Don, and the "I'm-so-in-girls" Kasia and Elise, and the earth-goddess Debbie, and the original peace lady, Lisa, and the unexpected-wild-card-so-glad-you-joined-in, Sarah. Thank you all for expanding my view on the wonders of rocks and being such enthusiastic playmates. And thank you Miss Bella, who at just barely two, has begun her love affair with rocks. While the 6 of us were posting, Miss Bella was driving her own rock collection, with utmost care, through her yard every day.

I hope to meet you all back in the sand box for Pumpkin Week in October.


  1. Oh what a shame Rock Week is over. Can't wait to see Pumpkin Week. Love the fact you have so much off them in the states. We don't. So show me the Pumpkins dear.

  2. Love the picture of Bella! The kids I teach drive little cars like that, carrying their findings with them!

  3. Great photo!

    And THANK YOU, dear Graciel, for hosting such a fun, creative, expansive thing as Rock Week. Who knew such wonders would unfold from us?

    Quite inspirational!


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