Friday, September 11, 2009

P.e.a.c.e. Rocks

I am a proponent of peace within the individual as a means to world peace.

We create peace within by honoring ourselves~ body, mind and soul. How do we honor ourselves? We stop blaming and dare, dare to take responsibility for our own lives. We stop living at 100 miles per hour and take needed, over due rest. We bother to feed our bodies balanced, nutritious foods. We stop taking way too many things way too seriously and we make time for play. We stop allowing ourselves to be told what to do and we follow the wisdom of our own instincts. We fall down and we make the choice to get up. We laugh. We sing. We forgive ourselves.

We make love our first priority.

Peace will always follow.

Peace rock on marble~ hearts of rose quartz, jade, aventurine, sodalite, amethyst, goldstone, picture jasper, yellow calcite and clear quartz. Goddess pendants of turquoise, a stone renowned for bestowing peace of mind. A small peek at my vast collection of semi-precious tumbled stones.

For more Peace Rocks on this September 11th anniversary, visit Don, Kasia, Lisa, Elise, Debbie, and Sarah.


  1. Beautiful!
    I too believe that peace starts with the individual.

  2. I love it! Peace to you Dear One...

  3. Yes, peace will follow love. Lovely and inspiring post. Your rock mandala is sweet. Nice to meet you through your blog. A friend thought I might like to join your rock posts, I take so many photos of rocks. Is it just for this week, or every Monday? Thanks,

  4. I wear hearts all the time as necklaces. I have a lovely rose quartz heart I love to wear which looks always makes me feel at peace and full of love.

  5. Yes, yes, yes...thats all that kept coming to my mind as I read your wise words...always a treat to visit you and to know that someone is thinking this and putting it out into the world.
    Thank you Graciel.

  6. I agree with all you have said and I love your collection of hearts and Goddesses. Just beautiful. Thank you for hosting this lovely week. I have really enjoyed my self.
    Sarah x

  7. Peace be with you, Graciel. Thank you for sharing your peace with me.

  8. I loved your rock week. And I'm WAAAAY into your goddess rocks! Where did you find them?!

  9. i love this. peace to you, sweetie.

  10. Oh, wow!

    Just reading back through some recent posts. Think I missed this one b/c of our trip.


    LOVE what you did here!


    Just knowing you and your amazing energy exist in the world (and that I am fortunate enough to have met you in person, ever so briefly) gives me peace :-)


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