Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Rock Week~ and the art of water

Everywhere I go in this world, I see art. Colors, compositions, juxtapositions, natural lighting, all converge to make art according to the way I look at things. To be immersed in Nature is to be immersed in a living, changing tableau. To sit by a woods-lined creek in daylight is, to me, to sit inside a a painting. Monet captured the ever-shifting light in his paints, I seek to capture that light through the lens.

In seeking rocks, I sought new ways of seeing. And I saw that which I had never seen before. Shapes, colors, and textures of rocks suddenly seemed to glow for me. Add the element of creek water, frame a rock in the camera lens and I saw magic happen. The sky appeared. Reflections that were not evident to my naked eye floated on the surface through the lens, pulling down clouds and trees and my own shadow to add to the depth of an already interesting composition. Foam rings and the contrast of wet and dry patches of rock had me swooning in ways that would have made my high school art teacher proud. It was all so incredibly interesting. Dare I say it was passionate. Yes. I know. I am talking about rocks.

But really, I am talking about art. And the stopping long enough to see it. If you agree to see with new, unfettered eyes, the world is the Louvre, the Prado, the MOMA, the Smithsonian. Nature is the first gallery. The rocks, its walls and foundation.

Visit my friends, Don, Kasia, Lisa, Elise and Sarah for more passionate discourses on rocks. Want to share some rock love? Leave a comment, I'll link you too. Friday is peace rock day.

Update: My dear Soul-Sister, Debbie, has joined the rock concert, adding her not-to-be-missed natural wisdom to the line up. Go have a look HERE.


  1. Oh, yes.

    I am ALL ABOUT seeing with new, unfettered eyes!

    Thank you for this invitation to view the world differently ~ and see (yet again) the *amazing* beauty, creativity, and expression that is the natural world all around us.

    Rock on!

  2. I got to your blog circuitously (via Jabblog), but am glad to have found you. As a one-time proto-geologist (support for my once-intended profession as an archaeologist) I am to this day intrigued by rocks in their myriad forms. Your photos are lovely, and you've inspired me to "collect" some of what I have about the place on my Cabinet of Wonders blog. It'll provide respite tomorrow from the end-of-quarter grading slog. Thanks for the images and ideas, and for a very interesting site.

  3. I love your inspiring description of the world as art. It is so true and said well!

  4. Ok, so I love the first picture! It looks as if there is a person carved out of stone, just rising from the water. Nice!

  5. Dare I tell you my rock stories? I have many. I plan on joining you for peace rock day. I adore your blog.

  6. I love the reflections in the water. :)


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