Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Rock Hounds

Yesterday, at lunch, a conversation was born from this Inspire Me Monday photo. My friend, Don, and myself have been fascinated lately with rocks. This up-ended slab was directly across from Monday's perch on the sitting tree and we discussed the possible symbolic meanings of its position and shape and the shifting theatrical light. We decided it was a message about turning the ordinary on its ear and discovering the amazing tilt in perception that comes from it. As well, we saw the Madonna with outstretched arms, an arrowhead pointing skyward, a symbol of needful balance between earth and sky.

One comment led to another and before we knew it, our rock fascination led to a brilliant, if somewhat useless, idea. Next week, from September 7th through the 12th, Don and me are going to feature "Rock Week" on our blogs. A post each day about rocks. Yeh, I know, super exciting, isn't it?? Well, it can be. It will be. For him and me, anyway. We're going to build sculptures and maybe write words in pebbles and whatever wild, unleashed creative genius comes to mind in the moment. It will be an exercise in creative abandon and honoring of the earth all at once. Photos for sure, commentary perhaps. It matters not. We're just gonna do it. The only for-sure is Friday, September 11th will be "peace rock day" featuring our individual peace signs made of rocks. I can't wait. My mind is spinning happily already with possibilities.

If you'd care to join us in honoring the creative spark and Mother Earth for Rock Week, leave a comment letting me know. Even if you just want to make a peace rock symbol and post it on the 11th, let me know. I'll make a list of links for anyone silly enough to come along for the fun.


  1. Miss Graciel, I am down with rock week. I collect them with a vengance and am trying to scale back for weights sake. I can't move this stuff around forever.

  2. Oooooo, yay!

    This will be cool!

    I collect them and savor them. I am in awe of them and their energy.

    Count me in :-)

  3. This is not at all silly but, in fact, a fantastic idea! They are so simple and yet so awe inspiring-a perfect object. I have lots of them around the house. I would love to join in with your rock week.
    Sarah :)


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