Monday, April 20, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #1

It's a cold and rainy Monday, and I'm looking to be inspired. I know if I keep my mind open and my eyes sharp, inspiration is everywhere. Some days, though, my mind is preoccupied and my eyes are closed. Or it's a sullen shade of grey outside. Or I simply feel lost. It is precisely for those days that I seek to catalogue things and people and events that inspire me. So I can more easily scrape my chin off the floor and balance those ever-shifting moods of the mid-life female body.
I want color and song and uplifting article and all things that make me say, "Yay!" right under my nose. Like a pink, padded life boat in turbulent seas, I want to be cradled in goodness. I want to be reminded how sweet and good and simple it is to be alive. I want to dream bigger. And for that to happen, my soul must be inspired. So join me, if you will, in sharing the things that make me say, "Yay!" each Monday.
Inspired By: Mosaic Maker. Dear God, I may never again have time for my day job, now that I've discovered this gem. No doubt, more photo mosaics will debut on future posts.
Inspired by: Susan Boyle. In case you're the last web-connected person not to have seen this diamond-in-the-rough Brit sensation blow the world away, grab a tissue and have a listen. She is living proof that it is NEVER too late to live your dreams.
Inspired by: Unravelling, the e-course. This is the photography course I just completed. I cannot say enough glowing things about the 8 weeks of introspective assignments the brilliant and compassionate Susannah Conway offered up to her students. It's not about improving one's photography skills, it's about using the camera to unravel the gorgeous layers of love we hide from ourselves about ourselves. Susannah is a facilitator of magic, as evidenced by the connection I've made with women from around the globe in our private Unravelling group. As a matter of fact, this amazing group is continuing on, delving deeper into assignments together as we wait for part 2 of the e-course. Her next course begins May 4th. If you need love, inspiration and community, this is the place to be.
There now. Despite the rain, it's no longer grey.
{Update: Care to join me in sharing what and who inspires you each Monday? Grab the IMM badge off my home page, put it in your sidebar, then email me ( with your blog name and link. I'll list you here as my partner in all things inspirational. Yay!}
BLOG ROLL of the joyful and inspired~click their links for more inspiration!
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  1. hello,
    i often stop by and read but i'm not sure i've ever left a comment. i just want to say how excited i am to read your comments about the unravelling course. I just signed up for it and am really thrilled.
    Many thanks

  2. Well, how funny! I was going to post about Susan Boyle as well! Isn't she a gem!!! I kept thinking that she just had a quiet inner confidence in herself. She KNEW she was going to blow them all away, and was still so excited afterward that she had. I loved it!

    I'd love to share in your inspire me Mondays. What a good idea. It might be fun if you made a very cool icon (with your mosaic maker) for it and those who wanted to join would have the icon on their blogs!

  3. Ok, Dear Katie, it's you and me in the inspiration department! But tell me, how do I make a badge that is actually a link button? Isn't that how it's done, the badge, if clicked on, takes you somewhere? Are you computer savy?

    xo, Graciel

    p.s. Your comments always inspire me!

  4. Yesterday was a horrible, horrible Monday - negative energy from all sides at my day job....I was so drained by the time I cam home.

    But when I got home, My dear Mother in law, whose staying with us this week had fixed a wonderful meal, I sat outside and watched the hummingbird at the feeder and mockingbirds building their nest in my rose bush...

    At the end of the evening, I had calmed down and was at peace and knew that God would take care of me.

    Thank you Graciel for your words - you always seem to open my eyes to the many wonders of this world.

    Peace & blessings to you...


  5. Oh yes, Graciel, I AM computer savvy. All you need to do is make a pretty picture (like what you made) and probably put something on it like the title (Inspire Me Mondays)and then make it a link to this first post! On this post, your picture could be the Icon that anyone could right click on to save and put as a link to this post as well. If you need more, email me and I'll write a more complete set of instructions :) You are Beauty Walking.


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